Digital Marketing

Grow your revenue through digital channels

What’s your number one goal?

I want more revenue

Channels Analysis

Analyze the performance and utilization of each marketing channel to identify gaps and opportunities.

Marketing Strategy

Identify the best marketing channels and tactics to drive ROI for your organization.

Web Improvements

Turn your website into a place that consistently attracts the right qualified visitors looking to buy what you sell.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Get found first by new audiences with inbound content and offers.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Utilize paid advertising channels that fit your target audiences to drive more ROI.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Provide the right signals on your website to convert more visitors into leads.

Email Nurturing

Create measurable, automated touchpoints to convert leads into customers.

My business needs to be found online

Competitive Benchmarking

Understand how you compare and what tactics work best in your industry.

SEO Audit

Analyze your keywords, domain authority, inbound links, and other key ranking factors.

Keyword Research

Identify the best opportunities for improvements in keyword rankings.

Technical SEO improvements

Improve foundational infrastructure that search engines perceive as a signal of site quality.

Off-page SEO improvements

Optimize business listings, back links, and GMB tools to increase visibility.

On-page SEO improvements

Simplify site architecture, consolidate duplicate content, and redirect pages that aren't performing.

Inbound Content Creation

Build new resources and offers that attract more visitors to your site.

Content Optimization

Establish the right cadence of content creation and refinement to build lasting SEO results.

I want better leads

Competitive Benchmarking

Understand what prospects see when they look at solutions in your industry.

In-depth Interviews (IDIs)

Qualitative research with target customers can unlock new insights on how to attract better leads.

Marketing Audit + Strategy

Analyze current performance and identify the best strategy to drive better results.

Lead Scoring

Create a system that scores targeted activities to separate qualified leads from the pack.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Remove the friction that keeps qualified leads from taking action on your website.

Sales Enablement

Better connect your sales and marketing efforts with audience-driven offers and data transparency.

I want to be the top choice in my industry

Competitive Benchmarking

Find out where you stand in a sea of competitors – and what it takes to rise to the top.

Brand Analysis + Refinements

Understand what perceptions you need to own and position yourself for growth.

Channels Analysis

Assess your current marketing efforts and discover opportunities for more ROI.

Marketing Strategy

Maximize short-term and long-term marketing tactics to rise in your industry through channels like SEO, PPC, Email, Social Media, and PR.

I want a better partner who can drive the results we need

Discovery + Onboarding

We'll take the time to interview key stakeholders, understand your goals, and earn buy-in for the work ahead.

Custom Research

Utilize Qual + Quant methodology to unpack the needs of your target audience.

Brand Analysis + Refinements

Own the right perceptions within your market to satisfy the unmet needs of your target customers.

Marketing Strategy

Maximize short-term and long-term marketing tactics to rise in your industry through channels like SEO, PPC, Email, Social Media, and PR.

Consistent Reporting

We'll establish a rhythm of reporting, personally walking you through the results.

Transparency + Flexibility

We're honest with our partners and ready to change tactics at a moment's notice. If our marketing together isn't working, we'll proactively tell you to look for other solutions.

I want to improve performance on our marketing channels

Channels Analysis

Assess current marketing performance and identify opportunities to create better results.

Marketing Strategy

Create a detailed plan to gain more traffic, generate more leads, and convert them into customers.

Marketing Builders

Establish the 'builders' needed to drive more results, including items like web improvements, offers, ads, and optimized landing pages.

Marketing Drivers

Drive results through the launch and management of campaigns, with digital marketing experts constantly monitoring and optimizing performance.

I want to build a community of followers

Custom Audience Research

Understand what drives and motivates your target audience, including informed psychographic details.

Brand Positioning + Refinements

Position your organization to own the right perceptions that translate into audience loyalty and engagement.

Public Relations (PR)

Utilize media coverage in relevant publications to drive brand awareness.

Social Media Marketing

Tap into the power of the right social channels for your audience to build communities of followers.

Email Marketing

Drive delight and engagement with your followers through a tailored email strategy.

I want to improve my company's reputation

Brand Resonance Measurement

Create a benchmark of how audiences perceive your brand, then measure again periodically to see how it's improved.

In-depth Interviews (IDIs)

Unpack perceptions with key audiences like lapsed customers, current customers, and target customers.

Media Training

Prepare your executives with media training to maximize positive coverage.

Crisis Preparation + Management

Know that you're covered in a crisis with experienced PR professionals who can coach and guide your organization.

Media Coverage

Drive positive coverage in prominent media outlets by uncovering the best pitch angles.

Reviews Strategy

Tactfully earn positive reviews to create better perceptions within your market.

Social Media Management

Manage communication on social media with care and tact, reinforcing the right target perceptions you should own.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing creates online momentum. By promoting your brand through digital channels, you can reach target audiences and convert strangers into customers.

When done effectively, digital marketing drives engagement, leads, and revenue while reinforcing the perceptions your brand should own. It creates a flywheel of targeted activity with high ROI to help your organization grow and scale quickly. Each channel helps fuel a digital marketing machine that drives your organization further and faster.

When done poorly, digital marketing can be a costly expense with no ROI, focusing on the wrong channels, the wrong audiences, and the wrong messages. More marketing spend to amplify efforts can harm the integrity of your brand and help your competitors stand out to audiences that should be buying from you.

“I would recommend Magneti to any company who is serious about getting strong, proven results from digital marketing strategies.

Marketing has always been a difficult investment for us. Tracking the results of what you get for your money isn’t always clear. Magneti has been different because of how much time they spend educating and showing you how each marketing effort they use is working. The in-depth reporting and data analysis they are able to show really proves what kind of bang for the buck we are getting and gives us confidence in the relationship we have with them.”

– Ryan Menachof, COO, Advanced ENT & Allergy Center

Increase Leads with Custom Digital Strategies

Our team of digital marketing experts work closely with brands on customer acquisition and retention through tactics like paid advertising, SEO, conversion rate optimization, email marketing, social media marketing, public relations, direct mail and by utilizing best-in-class marketing suites like HubSpot.

We’re obsessed with results and transparency — if it’s not working for you, it’s not working for us.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Optimize your website to rank higher in search engine results and increase qualified, organic traffic to your website. Long-term, high-quality SEO means being found first by the right audiences. Explore how your organization can improve its search rankings, increase its visibility, and gain more traffic with on page, off page, and technical search engine optimization.

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Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

Digital Advertising can be an effective way to drive leads and purchases through online advertising platforms. PPC often includes Facebook and Google, and can stretch to incorporate video ads on streaming platforms, podcast advertising, and placements with third-party sites. Identifying the right audiences to target, the right offers, the right messages, the right level of spend, and the right places to advertise can help you maximize the ROI of every dollar.

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Email Marketing

Emails that are beautifully designed and strategically written create e-paths to your reader’s heart. Effective email strategy creates high conversion opportunities through well-designed templates, automated email workflows, and effective campaigns. It’s important to ensure your emails adhere to privacy laws and foster a healthy cadence that delights your subscribers.

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Public Relations (PR)

PR helps you secure earned online and print coverage with digital and traditional publications, newspapers, and trade blogs to drive brand awareness. Experienced PR experts maximize the impact of every placement through in-depth media training, crisis preparation and management, online review strategies, social media management, press releases, embargoes with prominent news outlets, and more.

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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can foster like-minded communities, drive engagement with target audiences, support lead generation, and even facilitate on-platform purchases. Creating a tailored strategy to promote your organization across the right social channels, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, Clubhouse, Nextdoor, TikTok, and more, is key to making sure you don’t waste resources on the wrong tactics.

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Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing helps you attract leads by providing solutions for pain points, giving away information for free, and offering opt-in methods of communication through forms and emails. Built on a foundation of research-backed audience insights, inbound can help you rise to a top competitor in your market by helping people, rather than interrupting them.

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HubSpot Agency Partnership

Magneti has been a certified HubSpot Gold Agency Partner since 2012. HubSpot can provide a foundation to fuel more informed marketing and sales efforts for your organization and help you reach new heights. This marketing automation platform allows us to unlock results for our clients and analyze nearly every touch point with target audiences.

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Hubspot Gold Partner Award and Trophy

Why Multiple Digital Channels Means Better Results

When you tap into the power of multiple digital marketing channels, you increase the number of touchpoints with your target audiences. HubSpot shows that on average, it takes about eight touchpoints to close a new customer.

If a prospect…

  • Searches for a solution
  • Finds a helpful blog post you’ve written
  • Subscribes to your email list
  • Opens an interesting email
  • Then sees your brand appear again in a PPC ad

They’re much more likely to remember who you are and buy from you, rather than a competitor.

While not all customer journey’s look the same, they almost always include multiple digital channels and touchpoints. With an in-depth understanding of your audience, and with touchpoints that put the right perceptions in place, you can identify which channels deserve your time, energy, and budget.

I want better results from my digital channels

Magneti utilized multiple digital channels for Pella Colorado with a marketing spend of $160k to drive over $2.4 million in revenue.

Show me your work with Pella Colorado

Magneti aims to be the most effective and innovative growth marketing team in Colorado.