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Public Relations Can Grow Your Brand

PR (public relations) is the work of driving coverage in traditional and digital media publications by establishing reporter relationships and growing them over time. PR also includes communications strategies, media training, crisis management, and influencer targeting and management.

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How Does PR Support Marketing?

Public relations is a vehicle for amplifying digital marketing results:

  • Successful PR means coverage in widely read publications that provide high-quality links to your website – the most important SEO currency.
  • Positive growth in brand awareness through media coverage can fuel the success of your PPC efforts, increasing conversions, and over time, decreasing your CPC (cost-per-conversion).
  • Media coverage in relevant trade publications translates into highly qualified leads that are led to your website for the solutions they need.

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Why Should You Use an Agency with PR Experience?

Successful PR can help your organization rise above competitors, reach a wider customer base, and eventually dominate your market.

Poorly planned PR can harm your brand’s reputation, burn bridges with key influencers, and result in higher customer attrition.

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Built from Experience & Lasting Relationships

Magneti can help you utilize PR to maximize your marketing dollars and speed up growth. We believe stories worth talking about earn the best coverage, and, to be remarked upon, you must be remarkable.

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We can help you navigate the ever-changing media landscape by positioning you for positive coverage within industry trade publications and national publications.

Our PR services include:


Landing the right coverage begins with identifying the right publications and the right reporters. Understanding who covers what beat, which freelancers write for which outlets, and what upcoming editorial calendars provide opportunities for your organization is the foundation needed for successful outreach.


PR Management

From start to publish, Magneti can help you manage PR, earn opportunities, and successfully grow the reach of your organization.


Relationship Building
& Networking

Great coverage comes from great relationships. Finding the right threads to connect the goals of a publication with the mission of an organization is our sweet spot. We’ll help you meet the right reporters, analysts, and thought leaders in your space to establish a platform for successful networking and long-term coverage opportunities.

Press Releases

Navigating embargos and exclusives with the right reporters is key to a successful news release. Knowing when press releases are worth the expense, how to craft them effectively, and how to distribute them to the right audiences can maximize coverage for your next announcement.



The best stories come from well-articulated and thoughtful pitch angles. We’ll help you position your expertise and the goals of your organization so that you earn coverage and build lasting relationships with key reporters.



Compelling communication drives media coverage. Understanding the goals of reporters and positioning your organization to meet them is the key to earning recurring press and high quality links to your website. We’ll help you uncover the most remarkable aspects of your story, identify the right audiences and publications, and manage communication with those outlets.


Whether you’re facing a crisis or preparing in the event one occurs, we can help you:

  • Create a strategy for messaging across traditional and digital channels
  • Manage the media
  • Coach key stakeholders
  • Mitigate potential damage to your reputation and brand

If the value of your brand is damaged, we can help you navigate the right recovery messaging and identify the perceptions you need to own.


Your reputation is currency, and one bad review or a controversial article can impact your bottom line. We can help you with grow a positive reputation with:

  • Comprehensive reviews strategies that are compliant with Google’s policies on review solicitations
  • Research that uncovers the underlying factors within your organization or within your audience that are driving negative press or bad reviews
  • Proactive outreach to drive positive press
  • Strategies for addressing reporters or wider audiences who respond to your brand negatively


Growing your organization requires awareness and promotion. With digital real estate becoming more competitive and complex, PR can provide you with an avenue for growth that isn’t limited by the reach of your own channels.

We can help you approach PR with expertise and gain coverage within the context of a full brand and marketing mix.

“What do your typical PR engagements look like?”

Interested in having us grow and manage your PR outreach? While we can run successful engagements purely rooted in PR, we drive the most success when PR is paired with campaign and channel marketing. For more information on the ways we can help grow your organization, take a look at our full suite of digital marketing services.

Meet Our PR Lead

Josh Steinfeld
Media Relations

Joshua Steinfeld brings 18 years of public relations to the Magneti team. Before joining Magneti, Joshua worked with many high-profile brands including IBM, Little Debbie Snack Cake, Bayer Corp., and The Americans with Disabilities Act, along with several nonprofits, niche service providers, and start-up technology firms. He specializes in media relations, media training, and crisis management. He has generated press coverage in many high-profile outlets including CNN, The New York Times, The Associated Press, The Today Show, and U.S. News & World Report.

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Magneti aims to be the most effective and innovative growth marketing team in Colorado.