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When it comes to inbound marketing suites that can help you attract, manage, and convert leads into customers, HubSpot has led the way for two decades. Magneti has partnered with HubSpot since 2012 and can help build and sustain a growth-minded marketing + sales ecosystem.
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    Marketing Hub

    From attracting new prospects through landing pages and forms, to shaping their journey through email automation and workflows, Magneti can help you maximize your investment in the HubSpot marketing suite and turn it into tangible, trackable ROI.


    Landing pages

    We can design, write, and develop effective landing pages and templates in the HubSpot CMS so that your campaigns bring in effective leads – eager to hear from you and be nurtured.


    Marketing Automation
    through Workflows

    From the first marketing touch to a prospect raising their hand ready talk to a sales representative, we can help you build effective marketing automation, nurturing touchpoints, and drip campaigns that move leads all the way through the buyer’s journey.



    We frequently drive higher conversions by enabling ‘chat’ functionality. We’ll help you implement HubSpot’s chat tool and set clear practices for your normal business hours vs. off hours. We can also help you integrate other chat tools with HubSpot so that you can manage contact data in one place.



    Whether you’re operating out of HubSpot or looking for a form tool for your website, we can help you connect your marketing efforts to effective data tracking and contact management through the HubSpot form tool.


    Reporting on Marketing
    Data & Analytics

    Customizing your marketing suite dashboards and connecting HubSpot with the right platforms provides you with the transparency to understand marketing performance and invest the right resources in the right places. We’ll help you set up HubSpot for efficient reporting and transparency.


    Email + List Management

    As more leads come into your HubSpot contact database, we can help you set up the right filters for effective email communication. That includes contact cleanup, defining clear standards on HubSpot fields like Lead Status and Lifecycle Stage, and helping you build custom lists for marketing campaigns. We can also help you migrate and upload email lists into HubSpot that you have permission to email.

    “Helped us grow our online presence.”

    Magneti has been instrumental in helping us figure out and grow our online presence. From starting with a small PPC budget several years ago to now handling all our website, SEO, PPC, etc., they have been a great partner. We know we can count on them to be focused on growing our business. The additional support of Magneti using HubSpot has given us more data than we ever realized possible and helped us be more efficient in many operations. I can say without a doubt without Magneti we would be several years behind in that area. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a web vendor.”

    – Richard Atkinson, RAINWATER, HOLT & SEXTON, P.A.

    Sales Hub

    HubSpot’s CRM capabilities connect your marketing efforts and can power your sales team. We’ll help you drive an excellent sales process by customizing HubSpot to your needs.

    Manage All Your Deals & Pipelines in One Place

    We can help you configure HubSpot’s Sales Hub to track deals, add notes on prospects, set reminders for follow ups, and prioritize your team’s efforts to close more business. We can also help you create different pipelines and deal flows for different products or sales cycles – so that no matter how big you grow, you can manage all your sales efforts in one place.

    Track Contacts from First Touch to Closed Deal

    Knowing when to follow up and what to send can help you close the deal. We’ll help you navigate HubSpot to set up the right system of contact management through lifecycle stages so you know when to follow up – and teach your sales team how to communicate more effectively by analyzing a contact record.

    Build a Tailored Lead Scoring System

    If your sales team is only responding to leads who raise their hand, you’re probably missing out on viable sales opportunities. We can help you design and implement a system of effective lead scoring so that your sales team can identify the prospects most likely to turn into deals, but haven’t proactively reached out yet.

    Set Up Real-Time Sales Reporting

    Tailoring your HubSpot dashboards to show you the most actionable data can help you monitor sales goals in real time. We’ll create a system of reporting that shows you the most relevant sales information whenever you need it – from tracking the dollar amounts of closed deals to understanding how healthy your pipeline is.

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    “Unprecedented insight and impact.”

    I’ve worked with multiple providers for branding and marketing, some of them quite good. Not one of them, however, comes close to the value and experience we got from Magneti. The Magneti team is truly in a class by themselves. Somehow they managed to simultaneously be polished professionals, expert guides, cheering coaches, and trusted family. Ben Robb’s experienced acumen and gracious leadership guided the whole engagement through a number of our challenges to achieve an outstanding and transformative result. Their rigorous research methodologies and precise insights informed essential strategic business decisions that changed the trajectory of our organization and saved us from expensive, dead-end pursuits. Ben, David, Heather, and Mark each made over-the-top efforts and their personal commitment to our success was palpable. I look forward to the next engagement with these rock stars.”

    – Bill Davis, The Freedom Fight

    CMS Hub

    Magneti can help you build custom, effective marketing and sales tools through HubSpot’s CMS – whether it’s a new landing page or a full website.

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    Why Choose HubSpot?

    Data Consolidation & Reporting

    HubSpot’s ability to provide transparency across marketing and sales through data consolidation and reporting helps you stay informed in real time, invest resources in the right areas, and fuel a marketing and sales growth machine.


    Conversion Strategies

    HubSpot allows you to implement marketing automation at scale, track prospects by behavior or demographic information, and personalize your responses to raise your overall conversion rates. It also offers features like email health and list hygiene to help establish a healthy platform for future conversions.


    Lead Tracking

    HubSpot’s ability to track and segment leads at scale positions you for success with every prospect – whether that’s deciding what content they should receive next or what topics to lead with on a sales call.

    Landing Page Creation

    HubSpot helps you create and manage landing pages to attract and convert leads. Behind the scenes, you can monitor performance, A/B test different types of pages and features, and track what lead sources are bringing the most visitors.


    Social Media & Email Integration

    HubSpot allows you to manage the majority of your marketing in one place – including email marketing, email automation, blogging, and social media channel management. By working within HubSpot, you can consolidate your marketing analytics for increased transparency and save a whole lot of time piecing together how different marketing activities add up.



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    Magneti aims to be the most effective and innovative growth marketing team in Colorado.