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Build a High Performance Website

A modern, effective website should help you rise in search rankings, attract a high volume of organic traffic, and provide the right content to convert traffic into leads. It should be friendly across all relevant devices and position your organization for growth.

I Want a Website that Performs

Boost Organic Visibility

Building your site with an obsession for your audience – and with a knowledge of how search engines crawl and choose the best results – leads to a web presence that earns more organic visibility.


Increase Web Traffic

Search engine visibility and the right site infrastructure helps your traffic grow year-over-year, meaning more potential buyers arrive on your site every day. We’ll build your website with performance in mind, so that your content rises in search rankings.


Improve Conversion Rate

More traffic is a good metric to judge a healthy site, but marketing success relies heavily on your ability to convert that traffic into leads, interested and ready to buy from you. Our websites equip you with the content and tools to guide your audience from one phase of the buyer’s journey to the next – all the way through to becoming a hungry, qualified lead.

Increase Accessibility

With the rise in devices and growing trends like voice search, keeping your site up-to-date to attract a higher number of potential customers is critical. Making sure you’ve accounted for requirements like ADA Compliance, responsiveness across devices, and the ways your target audiences are most likely to interact with your digital infrastructure is key to your SEO success and the success of your website. We’ll walk you through each requirement and consideration based on your industry, and build you a site that’s both compliant and positioned to perform.


Easily Manage
Your Site

Our WordPress development builds are custom-tailored to provide your organization with the tools it needs to update and operate your website. While there will always be web tasks that require a skilled developer, we’ll build you the tools and knowledge to implement daily changes to your own custom site. That means no more waiting on a contractor for expensive one-word fixes, new added sections, or building a landing page for your next campaign.

Our Website Services Can Help You With:

Content Strategy

Know whether you should invest more resources into blogging or build out core content in the form of pillar pages? We’ll establish a structure that informs your future content creation and positions you to market effectively, get found organically, and turn traffic into leads.


SEO Foundations

Getting found organically begins with a high-performing website that checks all the technical SEO boxes. We’ll build you a website that not only performs well, but that contains keyword research and includes the foundation for an ongoing content strategy to help you continually rise in rankings.


ADA Compliance

Making your website more accessible is not only a value-add for audience growth, it’s becoming increasingly enforced by lawsuits. We’ll help you navigate compliance standards based on your industry and audience, and build you an attractive, high-performing, accessible, and compliant website.


Hosting and Domain Considerations

Our team of experienced digital marketers and developers can help you navigate the world of domain purchasing and hosting providers to select the solution that’s best for the long-term success of your organization – and that fits your goals and budget.



Adding e-commerce functionality or changing e-commerce platforms involves content planning and considerations like payment processing and shipping solutions. We can help you identify, build, and install the right e-commerce solution for your business.


Community Platforms

Choosing the right platform to facilitate connections can make or break its adoption rate. We’ll help you choose the right location for your audience – whether that’s selecting a pre-built tool or building one from the ground up.


Custom Platform Builds

Whatever you need to build – whether it’s a new app or new custom functionality for your website – we can help you identify the right requirements and bring it to life.


A website’s navigation is one of the quickest ways to signal what you have to offer to a visitor. Understanding user journeys and guiding them with intentionality can unlock a clear hierarchy for your navigation – and avoid moments of friction to help you drive more leads.


Site Structure

As visitors go deeper into your site, providing the best infrastructure to guide them to the right content and the right calls-to-action is key to a successful conversion strategy. We’ll help you plan what pages and content should live on your core site vs. what belongs in a downloadable offer or on your blog.


Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Pouring more traffic into your site won’t help drive your bottom line if you’re experiencing a leaky bucket problem – meaning, your website doesn’t effectively turn traffic into leads. We’ll help you build a site that moves visitors from the top of the funnel to the bottom – and into the hands of your sales team.


WordPress Upgrades and Maintenance

Just following WordPress or plugin prompts can break areas of your website and result in security risks. We can help you test and safely upgrade your WordPress install and plugins to ensure your site is secure and up-to-date.


Member Portals

Whether you’re delivering value through an automated online experience or trying to create more efficiencies in your own product delivery, we’ll help you design, develop, and roll out the right platform to better serve your customers.


Web Apps

Creating a web app can save you hours of lengthy manual processes and increase engagement with technology-literate audiences by offering a new channel for participation. We’ll help you build and maintain a custom app that can serve your needs for years to come.


APIs and Software Integrations

Need to connect data between platforms? We can help you build custom APIs and feed data where it needs to go. We can also help you connect platforms with their own open APIs, regardless of the style.

Our Web Design &
Development Process

Our team of award-winning strategists, marketers, copy writers, designers, and developers will guide you through a website process that positions you for online success.

Here’s our six-phased approach to building you an effective digital marketing machine:

Phase 1 website icon

Phase 1: Discovery
& Web Strategy

We’ll analyze any existing web properties, look at historical performance, gain an understanding of your audiences, identify the right technology stack, and begin mapping the journeys different users will take through your new website.


We’ll evaluate the performance of your current website and any supplementary platforms to provide strategic recommendations for improvement.



We’ll take a look at websites in your competitive space to understand industry benchmarks, then pull from a wider pool of website experiences to introduce potential creative elements.


Keyword Research

Using any existing website analytics and our own research into your space, we’ll identify the most relevant search queries to factor into the strategy of your website.


Buyer’s Journey

We’ll unpack the most relevant segments of your audience and what types of interactions will motivate them to move from one phase to the next.

Platform Discussion and Functionality Requirements

We’ll help you identify the best mix of platforms to accomplish your goals. That includes decisions like hosting and domain management, SSLs, marketing suites, eCommerce solutions, CRM decisions, and integrations to help connect datasets and touchpoints.


Page Plan

We’ll create a plan for every page on your website, and identify what’s missing to gain more traffic and convert more visitors into leads.


Site Map

We’ll create a website architecture that makes sense for your current pages and plans for growth.



We’ll identify what first impression your site should give to a visitor, helping them understand who you are, what you do, and what actions they can take on your site.

Phase 2 Website icon

Phase 2: Content & Wireframing

With the page plan, site map, and keyword research in hand, we’ll build a foundation for organic visibility and higher conversions. We’ll bring the web strategy to life through wireframing and write compelling content catered to your audiences.

Page Outlines

We’ll outline the primary audiences, keywords to keep in mind, necessary content sections, and conversion goals for each page.

Wireframes + UI / UX

We’ll create ‘blueprint’ style versions of the web page, establishing the layout of content sections that will guide the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX).

Content Creation

We’ll create the newly identified content to fuel your website’s organic visibility and convert visitors into customers. If you’re working on a tighter budget, we can set you up for a successful in-house content creation phase – or work in tandem, utilizing our team’s expertise to write the highest priority pages.

Phase 3: Design

Utilizing your brand standards, we’ll design a web style guide and show its application through core pages and elements that can be used site-wide.

Module-Based Approach

By creating a universal set of page elements, or ‘modules’ like a full width text section or a 50 / 50 text and image section, we can equip you with the tools to build, maintain, and grow a website without requiring a developer to add javascript and html at every turn.

Custom Page Designs and Elements

We can design custom pages from scratch, utilizing existing modules and adding in custom elements and builds. We’ll typically recommend this approach for more complex visual and storytelling-based pages, or pages with conversion points that go beyond a button or a form.

Landing Page Design

We build landing pages that convert visitors into customers. We can also build landing page templates so that your in-house marketing team is equipped with the right tools to run effective campaigns.

General Templates and 404 Page Designs

Whether you need a better way to edit your website or better general page designs to convert and attract traffic, we can help you control your own website. From 404 pages to general templates, we’ll help you establish a website built for growth.

Phase 4 website icon

Phase 4: Web Development

We’ll develop custom CSS, html, and javascript to bring a responsive site to life with high performance across all relevant devices and browsers. Complete with speed testing and load time optimization, your site will be built for visibility and growth.

WordPress Development

When primary organizational goals center on growth, we typically recommend WordPress as a custom CMS. We can help identify the best plugin options that don’t pose security risks, build your site from the ground up, and help integrate platforms with open APIs that are WordPress-friendly.

HubSpot Development

As Gold Partners since 2012, Magneti can help you create landing pages or even an entire website CMS on HubSpot so that your content and marketing efforts can be managed in the same place as your Sales and Marketing CRM. We can also help you build HubSpot page templates for unique campaign needs.

Squarespace and Wix Website Development

When an organization’s web needs are small or they’re looking to start an online presence as a proof of concept, we’ll often recommend Squarespace or Wix as a CMS. We can help you design a site that stands out in your market and positions you for success with your target audience in mind.

Phase 5: Launch

We’ll guide you through a comprehensive Quality Assurance (QA) process to ensure your website is ready to represent your organization, help you migrate to a new host if needed, update your domains, launch your site, and provide thorough website training so that you’re empowered to make content changes and build future pages.


Our Quality Assurance (QA) process consists of thorough user testing and fixes for any bugs identified to create confidence across different devices and browsers.


We’ll launch your website and monitor the DNS for propagation, ensuring that your old site is archived, your new site is indexed, and your organization is positioned for online growth.


Our developers and marketing strategists will train you on how to manage your content and build new pages so you can maintain and grow a successful website.

Phase 6 website icon

Phase 6: Maintenance and Ongoing Optimization

Our most successful websites include ongoing optimization, opening the door for continual SEO growth and higher conversions. In this retainer, Magneti can also manage your website, keeping it up-to-date and secure with the right plugins and testing before updates are pushed.


Build a Growth Marketing Machine

Magneti aims to be the most effective and innovative growth marketing team in Colorado.