Digital Marketing for Nonprofits

Drive Awareness & Inspire Action

Communicate your mission, raise brand awareness, and draw supporters for your nonprofit with custom strategy and full-service digital marketing from Magneti.

What’s your number one goal?

I want to grow the reach of our mission

1. Research & Discovery

Give your audience a seat at the table to identify motivating triggers and how to drive more engagement.

2. Brand Evolution

Refine the story you tell to drive more awareness and action.

3. Web Improvements

Translate your storytelling to an impactful online experience – built to attract more people and earn more donations.

4. Digital Marketing

Launch multi-channel campaigns to reach new audiences, spread awareness of your mission, and identify passionate followers eager to contribute.

I want to drive more donations

1. Research

Give your audience a seat at the table to discover what drives engagement and unlocks decision-making.

2. Channels Analysis

Assess the performance and setup of your digital ecosystem to identify the biggest opportunities.

3. Brand Refinements

Refine the story you tell to attract more potential donors and grow your impact.

4. Digital Infrastructure Improvements

Improve your online user experience and lay a foundation positioned to drive more donations.

5. Marketing Program Development

Establish the right marketing channels and creative direction to drive serious results, tapping into resources like Google Grants.

6. Multi-Channel Campaigns

Run multi-channel marketing campaigns that bring your mission to life and drive donations from both new and existing audiences.

I want to reach a younger demographic

1. Audience & Market Research

Dive deep into the minds of your target audience, understanding what causes attract their attention and why – and how to apply those learnings to your organization.

2. Channels Analysis

Analyze which channels belong in your marketing mix and where to allocate the most resources.

3. Brand & Messaging Refinements

Build audience-driven messaging that utilizes research insights.

4. Multi-Channel Campaigns

Reach new audiences through multiple marketing touch points that drive increased levels of engagement.

I want better results from our marketing

1. Channels Analysis

Assess the performance and setup of your marketing channels.

2. Marketing Strategy

Establish a strategy that accomplish both your short-term and long-term marketing goals.

3. Infrastructure Improvements

Invest in the most important changes that position you for better outreach.

4. Creative & Messaging Development

Articulate the right visual and verbal direction to drive better results.

5. Ongoing Optimization

Implement ongoing optimizations across channels.

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Your Impact Is Our Biggest Priority

From raising awareness of your organization to engaging the next generation of donors, Magneti’s nonprofit marketing solutions are crafted with care and custom-built to maximize the value of every dollar you invest in growing your impact.

Partner with Heart

We align with nonprofit organizations whose missions we share: making the world a better place. Multiple leaders on our team come from nonprofit backgrounds, passionate about driving more engagement and visibility for great causes – which means more brand awareness, more donors, more volunteers, and more impact.

Grow with Vision

Magneti chases marketing upstream, helping organizations identify and solve the root problems that hold them back from maximizing their impact. We’ll help you understand your audience in-depth through validated insights, tell a powerful story through your branding, build an effective digital presence, then launch campaigns to grow donations and expand your reach.

Our Work with the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Museum

Magneti partnered with the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Museum to cast vision over what it would eventually become and help drive fundraising with a website and marketing materials.

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Our Path to Growing Your Impact

We help nonprofit organizations expand their reach and grow their impact through digital marketing. To get there, we guide leaders through a process that both informs marketing – and provides business-level insights that can inform the highest levels of decision-making.

These four phases are tailored to grow the reach of a nonprofit organization:

  • Research
  • Brand Evolution
  • Web Improvements
  • Digital Marketing


Through both qualitative and quantitative methodologies, our research team gives your current, target, and lapsed donors a seat at the table – providing insights on motivating triggers, brand awareness, cause awareness, and how to drive more engagement.

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With research insights in hand, we’ll guide you through a brand evolution process that helps clarify what’s true and aspirational about your organization, meaningful to your current and target audiences, and distinct within your space – then translate those insights into creative guidance on verbal, visual, environmental, and behavioral decisions.

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With an updated visual brand, we help organizations create better online experiences, serving all audiences – from first-time visitors to long-term donors. Magneti’s team has experience across nonprofit platforms, helping organizations get the most out of the tools they invest in and lay a solid foundation for effective digital marketing.

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Digital Marketing

With a solid digital foundation in place, our team utilizes brand decisions to launch integrated campaigns across channels – both traditional and digital – to help you drive more donations and engagement from your followers.

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“If you’re looking for help navigating the world of digital marketing, definitely hire Magneti.

Their team is committed to excellence and have demonstrated the ability to drive measurable results. Our engagement across digital channels has seen its best growth under Magneti’s leadership. Hiring Magneti was a great investment for us.”

– Larry Yonker, Former CEO & President of Springs Rescue Mission

Our Work with the Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC

Magneti partnered with the Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC and helped them radically transform their marketing materials – from their digital presence through new websites and social media to their print materials and handouts.

Show me your work with the Chamber & EDC

Amplify Your Impact with Custom Nonprofit Marketing Solutions

We’ll right-size our custom marketing solutions to match your organization where it’s at – and help you take it to the next level. We can scale these solutions to match your goals, and guide you along the way.

Research & Branding

From understanding what motivating factors trigger donations, to how best to tell the story of your impact, we’ll guide you through a research and brand process that helps you grow the reach of your organization.

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Organic Social Media

Building an online community begins with great storytelling. We’ll help you tell your story where it matters most, expand your reach through social media, and attract more followers interested in your impactful work.

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Paid Social Media

Amplify powerful messaging through paid social media. We’ll help you advertise ethically, impactfully, and responsibly to turn dollars into tangible, trackable ROI.

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Website Design & Development

A compelling, engaging nonprofit website is vital in an increasingly digital world. We’ll build you a website that tells your story with heart, amplifies your mission, and drives high levels of engagement with potential donors, partners, and volunteers.

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Content Marketing

When you offer compelling content that engages your audience, they come back for more. We’ll help you build a lasting content strategy that grows your brand awareness, engages your constituents, and increases the loyalty of your donors.

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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising and Ad Grant Management

Managing every advertising dollar well means multiplying your impact. Our world class PPC specialists manage ad grants, budgets, and results with transparency – so that you can watch with confidence as your mission expands and changes more lives.

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Ad Creative

Ads have split seconds to draw attention and make an impact. We’ll help you from creative concepting to campaign management, ensuring that your ads earn the attention your cause deserves.

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Email Marketing & Automation

Email marketing is commonly the most effective digital channel. We’ll help you use email to connect with your audience at a deeper level, drive more engagement, and balance scalable automation with an impactful personal touch.

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Ranking well on search engines means growing your traffic and expanding the reach of your mission. We’ll help you build and grow a successful SEO strategy, with impactful content that educates, informs, and inspires action.

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CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)

Good websites attract. Great websites convert. We’ll help you reduce the friction keeping your audience from taking the next step on your website – leading to more subscriptions, more donations, and a bigger impact.

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Video Production

Video is on the rise as a driver of marketing engagement. We’ll help you tell stories visually that captivate your audience and drive them to take action.

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Programmatic Display Advertising

We’ll help you build the infrastructure for a successful digital advertising program – one that uses donor dollars responsibly and has flexibility for rigorous testing to find what works best with your audience.

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Our Work with Employers Council

Magneti guided Employers Council through research, a brand evolution, two website overhauls, and years of successful digital marketing as a long-term partner.

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Choose an experienced nonprofit marketing partner who can radically grow the reach and impact of your organization.

I want to grow our reach and impact

Magneti aims to be the most effective and innovative growth marketing team in Colorado.