42 Simple Things We’re Incredibly Grateful For

Fuzzy socks Backup fuzzy socks Pets spotted on Zoom calls A Smithsonian-sized collection of at-home mugs to choose from The personal therapy of The Great British Baking Show Deep existential realizations about one’s childhood Thriving house plants (I see that luscious Pothos in your Zoom background, Alex) Well-positioned space heaters Creating lists Karen Waldon Places… Read more »

3 Approaches to Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

*This post was originally published on April 17, 2018 and has been updated to reflect the changing landscape of CRO and digital marketing. Have you ever been on a website that bombards you with five different pop up messages and offers in your first 20 seconds on the site? And you turn around, back to… Read more »

Magneti Recognized as One of the Best Facebook Marketing Agencies in Denver

All-in-One Social Marketing Platform Names Magneti as a Top Facebook Marketing Agency SocialAppsHQ, an all-in-one social marketing platform, recently published a list of the top seven Facebook marketing agencies they’ve identified in Denver, CO, recognizing Magneti as one of the best. SocialAppsHQ did a thorough search for agencies who “make sure every dollar is well… Read more »

The Two Easiest Ways to Record Yourself on Video

Video, video, video. Video! Video? Video. Also, more video. In a world of Netflix binging and streaming wars, all signs are pointing us towards more video. Marketers have flagged the trend for years, but the pandemic brought it into our homes in a fresh new personal way. Thankfully, the lack of access to backstage sets… Read more »

6 (Tactical) Ways to Improve LinkedIn Ad Performance

We set up a test campaign on LinkedIn. And we waited. Lo and behold, a LinkedIn rep reached out and offered his tips and strategies for the best bang-for-buck. We totally took him up on it. Thank you for your wisdom, Bret. Here are 6 tips from our LinkedIn ad rep on optimizing your ad… Read more »

10 Rules for Building a Powerful Brand

Building a powerful brand doesn’t just mean excellent graphic design or adopting a trendy one-syllable name like Bread or Primer. In fact, here’s a name generation tool where you can come up with all sorts of trendy startup names.   Those may turn out to be the right decisions, but in order to build a… Read more »

Welcome, Joao!

Joao comes to us from Florida, and – before that – Brazil, in a city on the coast called Salvador which we all now want to visit. His creative maturity, his joy, his sense of humor, and his rigorous attention to detail are all qualities we admire and feed off. He’s only been with us for a… Read more »

What Apple’s New Privacy Push Means for Your Digital Advertising

* This post was originally published on December 30, 2020. Scroll to the bottom for the latest updates. A new Apple iOS policy increasing privacy options for its users could impact how well your digital advertising performs in the coming months. What Apple Is Changing Earlier this year, Apple announced its next iOS 14 update… Read more »

Your Quick Guide to Paid Digital Advertising

*This post was originally published on August 07, 2017 and has been updated to reflect the changing landscape of paid advertising.  There’s a saying in digital marketing: “The best place to hide a dead body is on the second page of a Google search.” There’s some truth to that. According to Search Engine Journal, results… Read more »

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