Magneti is a Finalist for the Best Places to Work in Colorado!

Hey, party people. We have another announcement, and because 100% of people read the title of a blog before opening it, you already know what it is! Magneti is a finalist for the Best Places to Work in Colorado for small companies! Using the Denison Culture Survey, Colorado Business Magazine (CoBiz) partners with ICC Innovate… Read more »

The Recent Google Algorithm Change

On August 1st, Google released one of their biggest core algorithm updates ever, on the magnitude of Panda in 2011 and Penguin in 2012. Do these algorithm updates seem less crazy because they have cute animal names? Yes. This core algorithm update comes on the heels of smaller core algorithm updates in March and April 2018, which explains the… Read more »

Magneti Makes the Inc. 5000!

I would love to write a dramatic introduction leading up to the reveal of some big news for Magneti. But the title of the blog post stole my thunder. Drum roll please….Magneti is 1666th on the Inc. 5000 for fastest growing companies in the United States, with a 277% growth over 3 years! Inc. is… Read more »

Our Thoughts on Jon Hollamby’s ‘No One Cares About Your Logo’

Let’s preface this by saying that he’s not wrong, he’s just being hyperbolic in pursuit of communicating something important – brand is no longer limited to visual applications. Sections of Jon Hollamby’s article No one cares about your logo are outlined below in italics with our thoughts throughout. Somehow companies have gotten into the mind-set… Read more »

The Facebook Ad Saga: Advertisement Visibility

Oh, Facebook…the updates keep on coming. In October of 2017, Facebook began making changes to their ad policies, and they haven’t stopped since. In a continued effort to increase transparency in advertising following the data breach scandal, and the suspicious action that took place during the 2016 presidential election, Facebook rolled out a new feature:… Read more »

The Facebook Ad Saga: User Ad Preferences

Facebook is under the data and privacy spotlight. You know it. Your dog knows it. We all know it. In an attempt to shift control from businesses to the individual user, Facebook has been updating platform and policy features. When you, the user, log into Facebook, you will see a variety of advertisements as you… Read more »

The Facebook Ad Saga: Political Advertisements

When there is a security problem, like the Cambridge Analytica data scandal, Facebook is forced to act and make updates to their privacy policy or create new platform features. But, they do not give much warning on what these updates are and when they will go into effect. In true Facebook foreshadowing fashion, they say… Read more »

The New Gmail Update and What it Means for Your Email Marketing

From April’s Gmail update, to the GDPR going into effect this May, 2018 has been a big year for email marketers everywhere. It appears that email technology is finally catching up with the beloved inbound methodology we follow here at Magneti. Now, more than ever, email marketers need to embrace the principles of inbound that,… Read more »

GDPR Implications for Businesses

Remember, however many years ago, when you heard about the coworker who got a desktop? And how they (probably) had to hire movers to help them move the computer in because it was such a large piece of equipment? The excitement around that technology was colossal, and little did we know, the internet would soon… Read more »

Traffic Acquisition vs. Traffic Conversion

We’ve mentioned it before: clients and potential clients frequently come to Magneti asking for help with SEO, but what they really mean is that they want more business from their website. SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of optimizing a website so that it ranks well in search engines, and ultimately more people (future customers!)… Read more »

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