Should You Invest in PPC?

Discover what factors shape PPC success: audience considerations, ROI calculations, competitive analyses, resourcing, and more.
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Your Quick Guide to Paid Digital Advertising

Wondering what paid digital advertising means? Or trying to figure out how it can work for you...
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The Importance of Brand Architecture for Your Sub Brands

Remember in first grade when you had to create a family tree? You start at the top of...
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The Power of Unique Perspectives in B2B SEO

The world of B2B content marketing is torn between two competing camps: those chasing search rankings by scaling...
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If You Read This Entire Piece, I Will Have Failed You

Recently, I heard a tale of a wealthy chap who nearly always left his vacations early. He’d stay...
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The Art and Science of Creating Content That Connects

It’s the middle of the night, and your ideal customer is wide awake, wrestling with a business problem...
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“”I’m a peacock, you gotta let me fly” – Mark Wahlberg” – Taylor Rush

The Other Guys tells the story of two NYPD detectives: a timid, by-the-numbers Allen Gamble (played by Will Ferrell)...
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Exiting the SEO Content Hamster Wheel

When do we get to stop producing new content? For years, the standard SEO response was: Never. You’re...
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How Colin Firth Dripping Wet Depicts Richer Market Research

In the opening chapter of the third volume of Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice,” Elizabeth Bennet tours Fitzwilliam...
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Meet Reb

Make some noise for the newest members of team Magneti: Marketing Manager Reb Roebuck and her fabulous golden...
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Gettin’ Serious About Language-Games

Communities give language its power. A familiar psalm echoing in the halls of a weary congregation, a rallying...
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Beyond the Click: Rethinking Conversions in B2B Marketing

“Our marketing isn’t driving any leads.” “The only leads we’re getting are spammy or unqualified.” “We have no...
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