Should You Invest in PPC?

Discover what factors shape PPC success: audience considerations, ROI calculations, competitive analyses, resourcing, and more.
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Your Quick Guide to Paid Digital Advertising

Wondering what paid digital advertising means? Or trying to figure out how it can work for you...
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The Importance of Brand Architecture for Your Sub Brands

Remember in first grade when you had to create a family tree? You start at the top of...
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Latest Articles

Beyond the Click: Rethinking Conversions in B2B Marketing

“Our marketing isn’t driving any leads.” “The only leads we’re getting are spammy or unqualified.” “We have no...
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Meet Joe

Joe Tafoya is the latest addition to Magneti’s stellar design crew — and we’re stoked to have him...
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The “Marvel” of Markets

Consider the final line of Darwin’s On the Origin of Species: “There is grandeur in this view of...
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Meet Lindsay

We’re thrilled to introduce you to Lindsay Pineau, Magneti’s newest Marketing Manager! With well over a decade of...
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Meet Ady

With over 8 years of experience driving results up and down the funnel, there’s no doubt that Magneti...
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Meet Rus

Magneti Web Developer Rus Miller isn’t just a maestro when it comes to creating and maintaining exceptional websites....
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Meet Emily

Magneti Marketing Manager Emily Buss does a little bit of everything: she’s got a flair for portrait photography,...
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Meet Elise

Magneti Marketing Manager Elise Bunting has years of rich experience in marketing communications, with tons of talent in...
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Meet Kimberly

Kimberly Canfield, Magneti’s new Digital Marketing Specialist, is a content strategist and SEO savant who’s bringing our marketing...
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