Welcome to Magneti, Brenna!

Ladies and gentlemen, please give a round of applause for Magneti’s new Executive Assistant…Brenna! What drew you to Magneti? I first learned about Magneti when I was on a walk around my neighborhood. I saw the logo and found the website. A year later I was on the job hunt and decided to reach out…. Read more »

Four Big Steps to a Marketing Machine

Even though it IS fun, most organizations don’t engage in growth marketing simply because it’s fun. We want to grow. And, when prospective clients come to us and want us to help them grow, they’re usually not ready for it. Growth is the last of the four phases we journey with our client. Let me… Read more »

What Is a Net Promoter Score (NPS) and How Do You Use It?

Do you remember going to the doctor when you were a kid, and they would bring out the chart of frowning faces that transformed into smiling faces? Then, they would ask you to rate your pain based on those faces? Yes…I remember…but how on earth does that chart relate to marketing? Imagine if your doctor… Read more »

Welcome to the Team, Anna!

Meet our Email Marketing Specialist, Anna! We are excited for you to get to know her, and to work with her! What drew you to Magneti? The people! Everyone I interacted with prior to joining was intelligent, friendly and genuine… exactly the type of people I wanted to learn from and grow with. What is… Read more »

4 Ways to Leverage Attorney Bios for SEO

Your attorneys are your practice. With them, you are a firm of trusted, well-intentioned experts with years of experience representing those in need of your help. If that’s the case with your law practice, your website should reflect those values. Attorney bios are often an overlooked section of personal injury law firms’ sites. Not only are attorney bios… Read more »

Welcome to Magneti, Marisa!

Meet Magneti’s Social Media Specialist, Marisa! We are so excited to have her on the team. What drew you to social media marketing? I love all things digital marketing, but social media marketing has a certain challenge to it. It’s constantly changing and there aren’t always black and white answers, making it fun to test,… Read more »

Upcoming Facebook Algorithm Changes

Mark Zuckerberg + Team Facebook:   4 Businesses with a Facebook Page:        0 It always seems like once businesses and marketers start to get a grip on Facebook, they drop a new update. Just like the one Zuckerberg announced last week. In case you missed it, Facebook announced that they will begin prioritizing… Read more »

What the New Tax Bill Means for Nonprofits

There’s a lot of talk around the new tax overhaul bill that the president signed just before Christmas – what will this mean for me and my family? What will this mean for my company? What will this mean for philanthropy? And while we’re not interested in discussing politics here, we want to share its… Read more »

Research: The Prerequisite to Good Marketing

Research in the marketing realm is not like scientists studying bacteria in a petri dish, or a psychology student taking note of strangers’ behaviors in public. Actually, research for marketing purposes is like both. If we market to a certain audience in a certain way, will they respond and become a customer? Will engaging our… Read more »

Practices for an Error Free Website in 2018

Ahh, the New Year — A clean slate, a fresh start and a chance to start over! Should I be more organized? Should I actually put away 10 percent of my paycheck? Should I read a book every month? We aren’t here to tell you what your New Year’s resolution should be – that’s up… Read more »

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