Digital Marketing for Healthcare

Attract More Patients & Grow Your Brand

Attract more of your ideal patients, expand your reach, and grow awareness of your healthcare brand through Magneti’s custom digital marketing strategies.

What’s your number one goal?

I want to attract more patients

1. Audience Research

Unpack the motivating triggers that drive potential patients to make decisions.

2. Competitive Analysis

Assess where you fit within your market from the seat of your potential patients.

3. Brand Improvements

Update your brand to match the perceptions you want to own.

4. Digital Infrastructure

Improve the online experience of your brand to attract more patients.

5. Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns

Provide multiple touch points to find new patients and drive more appointments.

I want to be found more easily online

1. Competitive Analysis

Assess where you rank within your market from the perspective of your target audience.

2. Channels Analysis

Analyze the performance of your marketing channels to find the biggest search-driven opportunities.

3. Digital Infrastructure Improvements

Optimize your online experience to signal to search engines that your site is worth pointing to.

4. SEO-Driven Content Marketing

Create solution-driven content to improve your rankings and drive more potential patients to come to you as an online resource.

I want to grow my organization

1. Audience Research

Unpack the perceptions and motivating triggers that drive your audience to make decisions.

2. Competitive Analysis

Assess where you rank within your market from the seat of potential patients or customers.

3. Brand Improvements

Update your brand to match the perceptions you want to own.

4. Digital Infrastructure Improvements

Optimize your online experience to signal to search engines that your site is worth pointing to.

5. Marketing Program Development

Establish the right mix and cadence of marketing channel activities to scale your growth.

6. Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns

Drive revenue through consistent, optimized marketing campaigns.

I want to launch a new branch of my organization

1. Market Research

Gain an in-depth understanding of total addressable market size, competitors, and positioning.

2. In-depth Audience Research

Understand the market perceptions and motivating triggers for target audiences.

3. Brand Architecture

Build a brand architecture that complements your existing offerings and offers room for expansion.

4. Product Branding

Position your product to be competitive with creative visual and verbal branding decisions.

5. Launch & Roll-Out

Unveil your new offering to relevant audiences, and establish yourself quickly in a new space.

6. Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns

Reinforce awareness and drive conversions with your new offerings.

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We Work with Healthcare Organizations of All Types

From specialized practices searching for more patients to medical device companies wanting to grow the impact of their marketing, Magneti has over a decade of experience helping healthcare-focused organizations accomplish their goals.

More Appointments with Your Ideal Patients

Our custom research, brand, and marketing solutions can help you stand out in the market, identify the right motivating triggers for your target audience, and attract more of your ideal patients.

More Revenue from Online Channels

Whether it’s a new campaign or a long-term investment in digital channels, we can help you multiply the impact of your budget, and build a scalable, results-driven marketing program.

Our work with Alyve Medical

Magneti guided an innovative, international medical device company through an efficient branding process, arriving at the name Alyve Medical and translating the new brand into a full visual identity, with room for different product families and expansion opportunities.

Show me your work with Alyve Medical

Neuralign Wrist Asset

Your Path to More Patients

Market & Audience Research
Brand Building
Website & Digital Infrastructure
Marketing Program Development

Colorado Ear Center Case Study

1. Market & Audience Research

Give your patients a seat at the table. By investing in validated research methodologies, you get a front-row seat to understanding the problems, audiences, competitors, and motivating triggers that impact patient choice and awareness of your brand. Our research offerings unlock the insights needed to run world-class marketing campaigns that drive more appointments with ideal patients.

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BrainCare and HealthRide Business Card

2. Brand Building

Build a healthcare brand that is authentic to who you are, meaningful to your target audience of ideal patients, and distinct within your competitive market. Our brands not only represent who you are now, but are aspirational – opening the door to where you want to go.

Tell me more about your brand solutions >>

AAMFT Website

3. Website & Digital Infrastructure

Lay the foundation for growth-driven digital marketing by investing in a website that’s built to attract and convert more patients. Our digital experts will help you navigate an online ecosystem that connects platforms so that data moves securely and compliantly.

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Chef Showcase Promo Book

4. Marketing Program Development

Rise in your market, grow your patient volume, and improve your retention rates with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, connecting multiple touch points to accomplish your goals.

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Drive Growth with Custom Healthcare Marketing Solutions

We’ll right-size our custom healthcare solutions to match your organization’s goals and build you a scalable marketing program that delivers consistent, growing ROI.

Brand Strategy

We’ll help you translate the perceptions you want to own into an evolution of your visual and verbal identity – crafting a brand that’s authentic to who you are, resonates with your target audience, and sets you apart in your market.

Tell me more about brand strategy >>


Digital Marketing

We’ll unlock growth through compliant multi-channel marketing campaigns, with transparent reporting and consistent adjustments to drive tangible ROI for your organization.

Tell me more about your digital marketing solutions >>


Paid Search

Utilize your budget wisely by partnering with paid search experts who can help you maximize the reach of every dollar. Through consistent testing and excellent creative, we’ll help you drive more traffic and leads.

Tell me more about your paid search tactics >>


Social Media Marketing

Partner with an agency that has the experience to navigate social media algorithms, and create branded content that’s true to who you are – and compelling enough to reach your target audience.

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Rise in search rankings and get found more easily through content marketing that aligns the questions your target audience is asking with your unique expertise. While SEO can take time, it provides some of the highest returns of any marketing channel.

Tell me more about your SEO approach >>


Content Marketing

Invest in helpful marketing content that drives action from your audience – from subscriptions to your email list to scheduled appointments from new patients. We’ll help you create a content funnel that attracts new visitors and guides them through to scheduled appointments.

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Facebook Ads

Maximize your budget by utilizing the right paid social media tactics. We’ll help you navigate audience targeting, ad creation, optimization, analytics, and clear reporting – so that you get the most out of every dollar spent.

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Reputation Management

Your reputation as a health expert is a critical component of effectively marketing and growing your practice. We’ll help you navigate the world of reviews and public perception, establishing a foundation for brand building and positioning you as an expert that your target audience knows to seek out.

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Web Design & Development

Your online experience is a direct extension of your brand. We can help you ease the friction of online tools, provide your audience with better experiences, convert more leads, and add unique features that help you deliver care more effectively.

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Performance Analytics & Reporting

Establish a clear system of online analytics that helps you track what’s working and what isn’t. From touchpoints to correct lead attribution, we can help you navigate the right tools and setup for consistent, reliable reporting.

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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Convert more online visitors into qualified leads for your practice. Through consistent, ongoing testing, we’ll help you maximize every touchpoint in your digital ecosystem to attract and convert more online web traffic.

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Our work with Nu ENT & Face Institute

Magneti partnered with a group of doctors in Denver looking to expand their ENT and facial surgery practices, and combine them with a hearing aid group under one roof. After an initial market research phase, Magneti guided them through a thorough branding process arriving at the parent brand Nu ENT & Face Institute, and sub brand names of the Colorado Ear Center, Advanced ENT & Allergy Center, and Facial Surgery & Aesthetics Center. With visual identities created, Magneti then built conversion-driven websites for each, and has been driving digital marketing results with this group since 2015.

Show me your results

“I would recommend Magneti to any company who is serious about getting strong, proven results from digital marketing strategies.

Marketing has always been a difficult investment for us. Tracking the results of what you get for your money isn’t always clear. Magneti has been different because of how much time they spend educating and showing you how each marketing effort they use is working. The in-depth reporting and data analysis they are able to show really proves what kind of bang for the buck we are getting and gives us confidence in the relationship we have with them.”

– Ryan Menachof, COO, Advanced ENT & Allergy Center

Choose an experienced healthcare partner who can radically grow the reach and impact of your marketing.

I want to grow our reach & impact

Magneti aims to be the most effective and innovative growth marketing team in Colorado.