Marketing for Education

What’s your number one goal?

I want to grow enrollment numbers

1. Audience Research

Give your audience a seat at the table to unpack the motivating triggers that impact enrollment.

2. Brand Refinements

Update your brand to match the perceptions you want to own.

3. Brand Roll-In

Train your teachers and staff on new brand decisions to increase adoption.

4. Brand Roll-Out

Unveil your new brand with a launch that helps shift your audience towards the perceptions you want to own.

5. Online Infrastructure Improvements

Improve the online experience of your brand to attract more potential students.

6. Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns

Launch marketing campaigns with multiple touchpoints to drive enrollment.

I would like help retaining and engaging alumni

1. Alumni Audience Research

Identify what drives alumni to stay connected and engaged.

2. Program Development

Translate research insights into an infrastructure for better alumni retention and engagement.

3. Program Creative

Identify the visual and verbal direction for a series of effective re-engagement campaigns.

4. Alumni Marketing Campaigns

Launch multi-channel marketing campaigns to increase alumni engagement.

I want to change the public perception of our brand

1. Audience Research

Unpack audience perceptions of your brand and understand where they come from.

2. Market Analysis

See how you compare to other educational options from the perspective of your audience.

3. Brand Refinements

Update your brand to match the perceptions you want to own.

4. Brand Roll-In

Train your teachers and staff on the changes you're making and how they impact the way you operate.

5. Brand Roll-Out

Unveil your new brand and shift your audience towards the perceptions you want to own.

6. Perception-Driven Campaigns

Reinforce positive perceptions of your brand through targeted, multi-channel marketing campaigns.

I want our marketing dollars to drive better results

1. Audience Research

Give your audience a seat at the table to unpack perceptions and motivating triggers.

2. Brand Refinements

Update your brand to match the perceptions you want to own.

3. Channels Analysis

Assess the performance of your marketing channels to identify the biggest opportunities.

4. Digital Infrastructure Improvements

Improve your online presence to attract more traffic and drive more conversions.

5. Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns

Provide multiple touch points to drive awareness and increase engagement.

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“I highly recommend Magneti.

We have used them for strategic leadership in working on our strategic plan, for press coverage, for technical support with web development work, and overall marketing and messaging. Every person we have worked with has been creative, thoughtful, and delivered what we requested. They are an awesome team.”

– Becky Sipos, Former CEO,

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We Work with Education Providers of All Types

From school districts to universities and from supplemental learning partners to national nonprofit associations, Magneti helps educational organizations expand their reach, grow their brand, and accomplish their marketing goals.

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Enroll with an agency who can identify problems at their roots

We’ll utilize academic, validated research methodologies to understand enrollment or engagement issues in-depth, giving your audience a voice at the table, unpacking issues, and tracing them back to their roots. Whether it’s a brand evolution or a social media campaign, we’ll help you identify the best solution and right-size your marketing investment.

Computer with connected circles

Harness the power of online channels

Your brand is the perceptions that you own, and your marketing agency should be an extension of that. We have over a decade of experience partnering with education-focused organizations, strengthening their message, expanding their reach, and accomplishing their initiatives.

Our work with Colorado College

Colorado College (CC) partnered with their historic rival Denver University (DU) to launch a competitive fundraising campaign and find out who could drive a higher number of alumni donations. CC hired Magneti to strategize and execute a winning campaign. Magneti’s video work and digital promotion resulted in 65x ROI, leading Colorado College to dominate the fundraising competition by earning donations from 2,200 alumni (8.5% of the market) compared to DU’s 1,140 alumni (1% of the market).

Show Me the Work

Your Path to Growth

Market & Audience Research
Brand Refinements
Online Infrastructure
Marketing Program Development

1. Market & Audience Research

Give your audience a seat at the table. By investing in academic, validated research methodologies, you get a front-row seat to understand the problems, competitors, and motivating triggers that impact enrollment and engagement. Our research offerings unlock the insights needed to run world-class marketing campaigns that drive your target audience to take action.

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2. Brand Refinements

From refreshing logos to building out full visual systems with departmental considerations, we can guide you through a process that combines what’s authentic and aspirational of your brand, what’s meaningful to your audience, and what’s unique within your market.

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3. Online Infrastructure

We’ll help you translate research insights and brand refinements into your online presence. Whether you need a landing page for a campaign or a custom web app to streamline enrollment, our team of digital marketing experts can provide you with a robust system to drive higher engagement.

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4. Marketing Program Development

With the right infrastructure in place, we can help you integrate your initiatives into digital marketing channels, driving results from campaigns that are transparent, grow the loyalty of your constituents, and help your brand own the right perceptions.

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Our work with LearningRx

LearningRx came to Magneti to build a digital marketing campaign that franchise owners across the country could roll out and operate on their own. Fueled by an initial research phase, Magneti concepted and created a campaign-in-a-box, focusing on the negative labels that often stick with learners who struggle at an early age – and their ability to let go of those labels as they make educational break-throughs.

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Unlock Growth with Custom Education Marketing Solutions

We’ll right-size our custom marketing offerings to match your goals. Whether you’re aiming to drive results from a single campaign or establish a sustainable, long-term digital marketing strategy, Magneti can help.

Brand Strategy

We’ll guide you through a brand process to establish the right perceptions to own, translating values into creative visual and verbal decisions. Our brand process engages stakeholders at all levels, and can even include student input.

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Digital Marketing

We’ll help you build a digital ecosystem that accomplishes your goals, from social media channels to email marketing. Our team of digital experts specialize in running integrated campaigns that drive transparent, high returns on marketing investments.

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Getting found easily is key to driving enrollment, brand awareness, and growing the reach of your initiatives. Our SEO experts can help you navigate this constantly-changing landscape, and help you rise in search rankings.

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Content Marketing

Content marketing can be an extension of your values, helping prospective students and stakeholders navigate the world of education. We’ll bridge the gap between content marketing and what you specialize in to expand your reach and drive more engagement from your target audiences.

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Paid Search

Your ads should align with your values. Our team of paid experts can help you launch ad campaigns ethically and effectively, mapping your dollars to tangible outcomes.

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Social Media

The reach of your community should expand to online channels. Social media is an effective way to communicate, especially when it’s managed correctly. Our experts can help you navigate changing algorithms and ensure that your content drives visibility and engagement.

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Web Development

We can help you evolve your website to deliver excellent experiences, improve conversion rates on pages meant to drive enrollment or engagement, and even build you a custom platform to help transform manual tasks into a seamless automated system.

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Reputation Management

From addressing negative perceptions to proactively improving your reputation, our PR, social media, and brand experts can guide you through significant periods of change.

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Lead generation doesn’t stop once they’ve engaged with your campaign. We’ll help you set up the right data flows and CRM structure to segment your audience and market more effectively.

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Student Portal

From creating a better online experience to layering in promotional graphics and driving higher levels of engagement, our digital marketers can improve your student portal.

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Email Marketing

Email is often the highest performing digital marketing channel. We can help you tap into the power of this channel, which means better engagement, better results, and a better return on your marketing dollars.

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Colorado School of Mines Social Media Graphic for Alumni weekend

Our work with Colorado Springs’ School District 11 (D11)

Magneti helped D11, Colorado Springs’ third largest employer, turn research into an informed brand evolution, with students helping shape logo concepts, the creation of a full new brand visual and verbal system with defined messaging to each key audience, a successful district-wide roll-in, and a PR-driven roll-out to the community. In addition to media training and crisis training for the Superintendent and key staff, Magneti drove a brand launch that was attended by thousands, including Colorado Governor Jared Polis and Mayor John Suthers of Colorado Springs.

D11 Tagline Logo

“Magneti did a phenomenal job working with D11 on our rebranding initiatives.”

– Devra K. Ashby, APR, Public Information Officer for D11

Choose an experienced education partner who can radically grow the reach and impact of your marketing.

I want to grow our reach and impact

Magneti aims to be the most effective and innovative growth marketing team in Colorado.