Email Marketing

Utilize Email to Drive Revenue, Retention,
and Loyalty

Email is consistently a top-performing digital marketing channel and a driver of revenue for our clients.


Used effectively, email marketing can turn prospects into customers, short-term buyers into loyal evangelists, and your most dedicated subscribers into marketers who refer you to their own networks.

Used poorly, email marketing can harm your domain reputation, remove your ability to mass market through email providers, increase the risks of lawsuits through CAN-SPAM and privacy breaches, and burn bridges with your most important asset: your customers.

We’ll help you maximize your email marketing results and strengthen trust with your audiences.

I Want More from My Email Marketing

Here’s how:

Email Marketing Audit

Analyzing the performance of your past emails, we’ll identify areas to improve key performance indicators (KPIs) like open rates, click rates, hard bounce rates, soft bounce rates, audience segmentation, and email list hygiene.


Email Marketing Strategy

Utilizing tools like customer journeys and buying triggers, we’ll gain a deep understanding of your audience and craft the right sequence of content to move them towards the next conversion. By identifying cross sections of their needs and your solutions, we can use email to speed up buying cycles and multiply your revenue.

Email Drip Campaigns & Nurture Tracks

We’ll build marketing automation that moves prospects and customers to the next stage of the journey and towards a conversion. We’ll also monitor and improve these tracks over time as the needs of your audience grow and change.


Email List Segmentation

Understanding the needs and priorities of your own list – and the prospects you routinely bring in the door through lead generation – can help tailor the right content to the right audiences. We can guide you through a long-term strategy for successful email segmentation and more overall revenue.

Email Creative Development

With your audience in mind, we’ll craft creative content that drives recurring engagement, retention, and conversions.

Branded / Custom Email Templates

Driving long-term email success requires the right tools. We’ll build you templates that provide the right amount of flexibility to reach your audiences in innovative ways – without requiring you to start over for each campaign.

Email Marketing Automation Set Up

Navigating email providers can be overwhelming when you’re trying to grow a marketing program. We can help you set up the right systems for email marketing automation and speed up your path to driving results.

Email Service Provider Integrations

Learning MailChimp, HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, or the dozens of other big-name email providers can be a headache. Add in your CRM, CMS, and the rest of your tech stack, and it’s easy for data to become disjointed and hard to decipher. We can help integrate your email provider with your website and customer databases so that your data is connected – and you can use it to make the right decisions.

I want better email marketing results

“What do your typical email
engagements look like?”

Interested in having us tackle multiple areas of email, building comprehensive campaigns, or taking over complete management of email marketing for your organization?

We typically run email engagements with lead generation through digital marketing activities layered on top. For more information on the ways we can help grow your organization, take a look at our full suite of digital marketing services.

Magneti aims to be the most effective and innovative growth marketing team in Colorado.