Our Values

Magneti's three laws of gravity

Magneti’s Three Laws of Gravity unlock the amazing results, the lasting relationships, and the people-obsessed approach we bring together into our work.

We’re hungry to create excellent partnerships, grow a team filled with diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experience, and deliver utterly outstanding work that produces tangible results for our clients.

Our Story

The iconic Robin Williams once said, “No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.”

Magneti was born on that simple premise. We wake up every day knowing that our efforts make a difference. Magneti thrives on building and sharing great ideas. We are a team with diverse talents and deeply believe in our ability to drive lasting impact. We invest in talent, and that talent drives exceptional results for our clients. We don’t just fantasize about great solutions — we come to work every day and work hard to exceed expectations.

Our goal is to become the most effective and innovative marketing company in the world, and we’d love some company along the way.

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Our Team

  • Lily Benjamin

    Senior Marketing Manager

    Lily accidentally moved to Colorado from Cleveland in 2013 when she couldn’t get down from the incline. She has always been people driven and loves putting herself in personas’ shoes to figure out what they want from our clients. Lily went to Colorado College where she received a degree in Economics and was captain of the varsity lacrosse team. In her spare time, she likes to ski, hike and explore Denver with her friends.

  • Ray Cameron

    Director of Digital Marketing

    Ray has been involved with digital marketing for nearly a decade. After helping an SEO company grow by 400 percent, Ray started his own digital marketing company and achieved HubSpot Gold Partner status in 18 months. Ray has been leading teams of digital marketers implementing SEO, PPC, social media, content marketing, conversion strategy, and email marketing on hundreds of websites since 2008. Ray lives in Colorado Springs with his wife and daughter, the youngest of their three kids.

  • Matt Gallant

    Technical Director

    Matt is a web developer with a passion for the outdoors. When he is not working, you can usually find him pursuing one of his many outdoor hobbies with a couple of dogs close behind. A transplant from Florida, Matt has years of agency experience dealing with a large variety of clients around the country.

  • James Hill

    Graphic Designer

    James is a graphic designer who enjoys a wide variety of music, reading, meditation, and spending time with his dog Rocky and his family.

    We’re excited to welcome James to the team!

  • Anthony Hyatt

    Marketing Director

    Anthony started at Magneti as an intern some years ago and knows a mildly concerning amount of the team’s long history of inside jokes. A former Senior Marketing Manager, he oscillates his time between using a Thesaurus, excavating the brilliance of his colleagues, and working very hard on generating original thoughts.

    Anthony went to the School of Hard Knox for the first four years of his life, before landing in Pre-K, and wages war with autocrrect ona daly bsis.

  • Emilie Jimenez


    Emilie Jimenez wrote her first book in the 2nd grade and hasn’t written one since. She has written a whole lot of other things, though. When she’s not writing at a local coffee shop, you’ll find her in the mountains adventuring with her husband and two daughters (or trying to sneak away from her husband and two daughters to read a good book).

  • Alex Linares

    Marketing Manager

    This is the 3rd time Alex has moved to Colorado, and is finally set on staying! She worked 8+ years in the veterinary field before transitioning to marketing and brand communications and delights in helping brands tell their story. Her passions include swing and blues dancing, climbing, and watching soccer or the French version of The Voice. She’ll never turn down a lavender cider, believes in the Oxford comma, and is looking at pottery as her next fun hobby.

  • David Lucas

    Research Director

    David brings expertise to developing positioning and messaging, and manages all research projects. With a decade of experience managing marketing and fundraising campaigns, David has developed brand and positioning platforms for dozens of for-profit and non-profit organizations around the nation.

  • Heather Lucas

    Research Analyst

    Heather is a veteran market researcher with a particular skill for getting to actionable insights. Her mix of academic training in methodology, originally in the HR field, along with her client-side leadership of a research and insights department, allows her to unpack relevant findings with empathy and sensitivity for the stakeholders in the room. Heather would like to be as creative and funny as others on the Magneti team, but let’s face it, she’s the market researcher who enjoys making sense of complex datasets.

  • Gary Magnone

    Lead SEO Strategist

    Gary has studied search engines and the way they interact with websites since 2009. A lot has changed since then, but one thing hasn’t – his passion for figuring out why some sites rank highly and some sites don’t. In addition to SEO, Gary’s passions include improv comedy, live music, craft beer, coffee, and re-runs of Seinfeld.

  • Jesse Marble

    Chief Executive Officer

    Jesse’s background is in tech startups, B2B digital marketing, and integrated campaign strategy and management. He loves the creative and analytical team that makes up Magneti.

    Jesse excels at a rare form of South American chess, lives on a refurbished houseboat, and plays poker with the surviving members of Apollo 17. Actually, that’s not true at all.

  • Arlis Mongold

    Digital Strategist

    Arlis has an eclectic marketing background which touches on industries as diverse as designer toys, RFID applications, stand-up comedy promotion, alternative coffee, and data center solutions – in addition to serving five years as the Marketing Director of a bustling nonprofit arts center. In his spare time, Arlis has won awards for writing short fiction and enjoys travel photography (he misses you, France!). To relieve stress, he writes bios of himself in third person, creates abstract paintings, slaughters mortals in Scrabble, and occasionally performs stand-up comedy. Okay, that’s a lie. Stand-up doesn’t relieve stress, but it’s still fun (sometimes)! 

  • Kyle Morrison

    Director of Sales

    Kyle has spent the past five years in technology companies developing a passion for serving people with valuable services that change the way they do business. Kyle is a relationship master and loves speaking with anyone about why they do what they do better than anyone else. Kyle has a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Texas A&M University and you can find him snowboarding, hiking with his wife Amy and labra-doodle Indi or reading a great book over a cup of coffee.

  • Leila Najafzadeh

    PPC Manager

    Leila graduated from UCLA and has a passion to help businesses grow with her extraordinary abilities to strategize and manage pay-per-click campaigns.

    She plays piano and discovers oil paintings and pencils drawings in her free time. She is also the mom of two cute parrots: “Aloo” (Plum) and “Shatoot” (Raspberry).

  • Joao Neto

    Graphic Designer

    Joao Neto is a creative designer who brings more than twenty years of knowledge and an extensive understanding of marketing, brand objectives, consumer needs, and the value of effective communication.

    He has had the opportunity to work with Fortune 100 organizations including Google and Lennar, as well as many other well known brands such as Benihana, FPL, Hooters and Hilton Hotels.

    Joao provides strong conceptual thinking, and is a strategically focused designer who also understands the importance of leadership abilities and building long lasting relationships with co-workers and clients.

  • Emily O'Neill

    Marketing Manager

    Emily grew up in Highlands Ranch, Colorado and currently lives in Lakewood. She has been in the marketing industry for over eight years now. She spends her weekends with her Fiance, Jeff and their two doodles, Walter and Kane. She’ll never turn down a basket of french fries and thrives in the summer heat. March is her favorite winter month because of March Madness! Attending Undergrad at the University of Kansas has made her an avid college basketball fan.

  • Mark Rantal

    Senior Designer

    Mark Rantal is a graphic designer whose work is driven by a daily game between soaring narcissism and crippling self-doubt. He appreciates and strives for simplicity and eloquence in his work and has grown to appreciate big, scary questions and those who discuss them boldly. He is also an award-winning improv comedian, producer, host, and was a #1 trending story on Facebook for eating Chipotle burritos 108 consecutive days. Mark does not own a pet fox yet.

  • Ben Robb

    Director of Strategic Engagement

    Ben’s background is in nonprofit development. He has worked in marketing and communications roles for nonprofits as large as Compassion International and as small (but amazing!) as Springs Rescue Mission, where he served as development director. He has won national and regional awards for his video and print work and raised millions of dollars through direct response campaigns. Ben studied literature and professional writing at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and writes short fiction in his free time (when he’s not running or fishing or cooking or camping with his wife and kids).

  • Taylor Rush

    Marketing Manager

    By way of Missoula, MT, Taylor is a new face to the Mile High City. With 8+ years of experience in Minor League Baseball, he brings a well-rounded experience as a full stack marketer, a love for teamwork, and a passion for rolling up his sleeves to get the job done. In his spare time, he’s likely cleaning out the wrinkles on his Frenchie’s face, skiing, or discovering what his summer passions will be (having worked the last 9 years in baseball).

  • Becca Sheffield

    Digital Marketing Specialist

    Becca considers herself an honorary Colorado native, having lived here since she was 6 years old and “before it was cool.” She loves all things related to language and storytelling, which includes writing creatively, reading fiction, learning new languages, and visibly cringing when people use incorrect grammar or spelling. Becca will take just about any excuse to salsa dance, dress up in costume, or drink a chai tea latte. The Mayan calendar indicates that her spirit animal is an armadillo, which might explain her feisty demeanor, her connection to nature, and her tendency to curl up into a ball on weekends. It does not explain her lack of a tough exterior or her debilitating fear of moths.

  • Josh Steinfeld

    Media Relations

    Joshua Steinfeld brings 18 years of public relations to the Magneti team. Before joining Magneti, Joshua worked with many high-profile brands including IBM, Little Debbie Snack Cake, Bayer Corp., and The Americans with Disabilities Act, along with several nonprofits, niche service providers, and start-up technology firms. He specializes in media relations, media training, and crisis management. He has generated press coverage in many high-profile outlets including CNN, The New York Times, The Associated Press, The Today Show, and U.S. News & World Report.

  • Karen Waldon

    Senior Marketing Specialist

    From Karen’s early decision to major in math, she has gravitated to jobs centered around “problem-solving”. Her various roles include inventory management, business analyst, and marketing manager and specialist to name a few. Sunsets, good vodka, dark chocolate, the sound of her children laughing and spreadsheets are just a few of her favorite things. Karen relies on her ability to ask good questions in order to navigate the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing. She also stressed out writing this bio.

  • Adam Williams

    Executive Chairman

    Adam Williams is the Executive Chairman of Magneti and has previously been a partner or founding member of many startups, ranging from the publishing industry to construction. Adam has a passion for great ideas and bringing those ideas to life. Outside of his professional life, Adam enjoys torturing trout with a fly rod and skiing big lines. Faith, purpose, and family are the core foundations of his life. Adam’s wife of eighteen years and twelve-year-old son put up with a lot. This summer Adam will be celebrating his twenty-second year as a brain tumor survivor.

  • Marisa Williams

    Social Media Specialist

    Marisa’s background is in using social platforms as a consumer-brand relationship bridge, lead generation and awareness as well as other forms of digital marketing. She has experience in working with non-profits, small businesses, churches and large organizations to help them all master the Facebook algorithm and Mark Zuckerberg’s brain. Marisa received a bachelor’s degree in finance and marketing from University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. In her free time, Marisa is chasing her toddler, reading, cuddling with her Great Dane and spending as much as possible with her husband and kids.

Awards and Listings



2018 ADDY

2017 ADDY

2016 ADDY

2015 ADDY


2014 ADDY

  • Gold American Advertising Award | Integrated Campaign – Kyton Industries “Get the Goods”
  • Silver American Advertising Award | Integrated Campaign – Springs Rescue Mission “Neighbors of Hope”
  • Silver American Advertising Award | Internet Commercials – UCCS College of Business

2013 ADDY

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