Own The Right Perceptions

Powerful Brands Drive Revenue

A powerful brand can drive revenue, loyalty, retention, and referrals far more than an effective marketing campaign. Combine that with the right audience insights, digital infrastructure, and marketing tactics? You’re on your way to leading your market. Whether you want to change the perceptions of an existing brand or build one from scratch, we can guide you through an effective branding process.

Here’s how we do it:

1. Brand Strategy

Brand strategy means defining the perceptions you should own.
We’ll help you explore these perceptions in three areas:

What’s meaningful to your audience?

Adding the voice of your audience is crucial to an effective branding process. Through in-depth research and data-backed personas, we define the core groups your brand should earn engagement from, answering questions like:

  • Who should you appeal to in your market?
  • What matters when choosing to buy from an organization in your space?
  • What motivates your buyers?
  • What is the demographic and psychographic makeup of your target audience?
  • What considerations do different segments of your audience weigh when taking action?
  • How should you engage with each audience segment at each stage of the buying cycle?
  • What kind of messages move each segment from one stage to the next?

What vision, values, and mission statements are at the heart of your organization, defining business decisions, product decisions, and market decisions? What’s true of your organization today, and what should be true about you tomorrow? Defining what’s authentic and what’s aspirational can help build the foundation for an effective brand platform.

What’s authentic and aspirational to your business?

What’s distinct within your competitive space?

Through positioning exercises, we’ll define the characteristics and perceptions your competitors own – and where you fit into this landscape. By pairing these perceptions with audience preferences, we can identify what’s common ground and what decisions would put you in blue ocean space – making you distinct among your competitors and helping you fit a need your audience isn’t getting from the market.

Identify the Right Personality and Brand Structure

Unlock Personality through Archetypes

Why are some brands more memorable than others, even without big advertising budgets? Brands that stick in your mind and transcend individual personalities are built with intention and consistency.

We’ll help you explore a range of personality types with your own values and target audiences in mind to infuse powerful perceptions into your brand and separate yourself from the competitive pack.

Build the Right Brand Architecture

If you’re growing and expanding a product line, acquiring a new business, or entering a new market, identifying the best brand architecture can unlock the right perceptions.

Knowing whether you should tie a new product to a parent brand, endorse it, or launch it separately with a new identity can make or break a substantial business decision.

While internal structure and resourcing are factors, brand architecture choices should ultimately be driven by your audiences – the ones who will decide whether or not you’re successful. brand book

Create a Clear Brand Vision

By exploring overlaps in our three AAMD areas – what’s authentic and aspirational to your organization, what’s meaningful to your audience, and what’s distinct within your competitive space – we start to create a brand platform.

We then identify the best brand architecture and infuse personality through archetypes to arrive at a clear brand vision – one that’s built on the preferences of your audience, the unrealized needs of your market, and the realities and aspirations of your organization.

2. Identity Creation

An effective, memorable brand is more than a logo or a tagline. It’s a part of every aspect of your organization, from the colors on your website to the way you answer the phone. We can equip your organization – no matter how large or how small – to make choices that will consistently reinforce your target perceptions.


We focus on brand identity creation through four key areas:

Visual Branding

Beginning with a logo, we’ll help translate your brand vision into a mark that captures attention, represents your organization, and resonates with your audience.

From there, we’ll build out a complete visual system – from patterns and backgrounds to materials mockups and signage.

We’ll build you a system that’s tailored to fit your target perceptions and with careful considerations so it can be maintained by your in-house marketing team.

Verbal Branding

Reinforcing the right perceptions means choosing the right language. We’ll guide you through verbal branding decisions, from how many contractions to use and what your sentence structure should look like to what kinds of emotions your writing should invoke.

We’ll also equip you with a whole lot of messaging you can use (and test), and a platform to help you quickly build out new campaign language.

Environmental Branding

If your business includes in-person customer interactions, we can help design and shape the experience to reinforce your target perceptions.

We’ll guide you through interior design possibilities and how each choice will impact a customer’s journey through your physical space.

Behavioral Branding

The most effective brands influence every area of their customers’ experience.

We can help you translate brand decisions into internal cultural influences, standard operating procedures, and even onboarding and employee training.

Document Your Decisions
and Increase Adoption

When it comes to brand adoption and maintenance, having a single, consolidated resource to point to can be the difference between a lasting brand that’s consistent, and one that’s hardly adopted or adhered to. A brand book helps you summarize and inspire your team with the decisions you’ve made. It translates your vision, visual identity, verbal identity, behavioral choices, and environmental decisions into one, easy-to-read and easy-to-implement resource.


We’ll build you a brand book that empowers your team to use your new brand.


Show Me a Brand Book Sample

3. Brand Building

Getting your organization to embrace change can be a big ask. The story you tell from beginning to end will determine who comes on board and who resists change.

When it’s time to introduce your new brand to the market, we can help you strengthen your customer relationships and attract new business by telling the right story in the right channels.

Roll In

Whether you have a company of 40 employees or 4,000, we can help you introduce a brand system to your organization and inspire your workforce to adopt the new changes.

With the right communication strategy, you can establish an internal system for lasting brand consistency, which will help you succeed in your market.

Roll Out

Communicating brand changes to your customers and target audience is a high-stakes activity that can shape the curve of your revenue.

We can help you announce and establish a powerful brand presence within your market – one that increases loyalty and retention within your customer base and one that earns the attention of your target buyers.

“Working with Magneti was a dream. The team was personable, creative, dynamic and inspiring.

They went above and beyond in creating a brand that was an authentic representation of our organization. The coached us as the experts in their field, while relying on us to be the experts of our own identity.

They communicate effectively, strive for quality in every detail, and keep the process fun.

We are beyond grateful that we had the opportunity to work with and get to know the team at Magneti!”

– Aspen Marshall, Director of Communications, Mountain Gateway

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