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Research Is Better Than Hunches. But There’s Something Better Than Research.

What could possibly provide more insight than research? It’s what I call “Observable, Anonymous Behavior.” OAB is a...
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Magneti is a Finalist for the Best Places to Work in Colorado!

Hey, party people. We have another announcement, and because 100% of people read the title of a blog...
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Magneti Makes the Inc. 5000!

I would love to write a dramatic introduction leading up to the reveal of some big news for...
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Is It Time to Fire Your SEO Agency?

Business owners and marketing managers often ask: How can we verify that our SEO company is successful? Some...
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How to Prevent a Leaky Bucket

Imagine carrying an empty bucket all the way across town to a well, filling the bucket and then...
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What Is a Net Promoter Score (NPS) and How Do You Use It?

Do you remember going to the doctor when you were a kid, and they would bring out the...
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4 Ways to Leverage Attorney Bios for SEO

Your attorneys are your practice. With them, you are a firm of trusted, well-intentioned experts with years of experience representing...
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Welcome to Magneti, Marisa!

Meet Magneti’s Social Media Specialist, Marisa! We are so excited to have her on the team. What drew...
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Three Learnings from the Direct Mail World

Digital marketers are spoiled. We have the capability to target audiences, tailor campaigns, and track results with more...
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