Welcome to the Team, Renae!

We’re very excited to announce Renae, our newest Marketing Manager, has joined the team! Here’s an introductory Q&A so you can get to know her a bit. If you’re lucky enough to meet her, ask about her notable performance in the annual and unmistakeable Tin Horse Highway Grand National. Or ask about her ability to… Read more »

Writing to Reach Audiences: 5 Ways to Make The Message Stick

Chasing an audience that is scrolling, swiping, and sprinting through an endless internet is exhausting. It’s like trying to make a whisper heard in the center of Times Square – on Near Year’s Eve. So instead of chasing, Magneti uses simple rules to write messaging that is quickly sticky. Here’s what we’ve learned: 1. Become… Read more »

Welcome to the Team, Kyle!

Give it up for Kyle, our newest Sales Director! We are over the moon to have him on our team, and can’t wait for you to get to know him!     What drew you to Magneti? The people – the opportunity to work with talented, funny, engaging, knowledgeable, sincere people was too hard to resist!… Read more »

6 Ways Working From Home Makes Great Leaders

Working from home – so hot right now. Remote work is a huge shift for many of us. Finding your groove to live a thriving WFH life can be difficult, but rewarding. And we’re convinced that the skills you gain overcoming remote work challenges will take you further than you realize. The qualities and practices… Read more »

Website Traffic Trends In the Wake of COVID-19

Lots of companies are seeing dramatic changes in website traffic and feeling uncertain about what the future holds. It’s a bit like the scene in Titanic when the iceberg is dead ahead, the ship has gone hard to starboard, and everyone is holding their breath to see what happens.  For a few specific industries, the… Read more »

GMB Lite: Google My Business Limits Functionality In Response to Coronavirus

Update: As of April 10, 2020 Google has announced that some GMB functionalities which were previously suspended are now slowly coming back online.  The Google page details new updates including: Review replies are now available New user reviews, user photos, short names, and Q&A will gradually return by country and business category Expect delays on… Read more »

Send Your Social Flare – And I’ll Be There

Not flair as in special or fabulous (though we love that too), but flare as in a bright light you shoot into the sky when you’re lost deep in the forest. Like in the Goblet of Fire when Harry shoots sparks into the sky from the maze when he finds Fleur in trouble.  When we’re… Read more »

Google Lends a Hand: Ads Credits Coming to Small and Medium Businesses

Exciting news is buzzing in the business community – Google has pledged to offer $340 million in ad credits to small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) as part of an $800 million package to combat the effects of the coronavirus. These credits will attempt to help shoulder the burden that many companies are facing, allowing them… Read more »

The New Norm – How to Make Working From Home…Work

At Magneti, working from home (affectionately deemed WFH by the youths) has been a part of our company culture for a long time. We’re not newbs. Many of us rock the work-from-home life like the Dude rocks cozy loungewear. It’s part of everyday life, man. Now, that’s not to say this newer, mandatory WFH situation… Read more »

11 Free Resources for Marketers

In this tough time of uncertainty, people are coming together (not physically, of course) to support one another with free resources for the marketing community.  Borrowed directly from a helpful LinkedIn post from Danny Asling, and spiced up with a few new ideas, here’s some of the best of the best free digital tools great… Read more »

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