Steps to Building a Website

Before you make big decisions about rebuilding a website, it’s worth determining the goals of your website. Lots of small businesses use their web real estate as a simple online brochure, while other large organizations bake in layers of complexity and intention. There’s no definitive right or wrong answer, but understanding the problems you’re trying… Read more »

Four Big Steps to a Marketing Machine

Even though it IS fun, most organizations don’t engage in growth marketing simply because it’s fun. We want to grow. And, when prospective clients come to us and want us to help them grow, they’re usually not ready for it. Growth is the last of the four phases we journey with our clients. Think about… Read more »

Growing a Healthy Work Culture

Culture is typically perceived as having ping pong tables, dogs, bean bags and beer kegs at the office, but there is a reason why this blog isn’t titled How to Have the Most Fun at Work. While these may be office perks, they are not the key to building a great work culture. We define… Read more »

Welcome to the Team, Adriel!

A huge welcome to our new intern, I mean win-tern, Adriel! We’re excited to work with him this summer, and for you to get to know him. What drew you to Magneti? The culture and the three laws of Gravity. It’s not often you find management actively telling you to have fun at work. You… Read more »

Meet John!

A huge welcome to our new Director of Sales, John! We can’t wait for you to meet and get to know him. What drew you to Magneti? Definitely the people. There is a certain comradery that everyone seems to have across the board. As cheesy as this sounds, the energy that everyone radiates is like… Read more »

The Magneti Dads on Balancing Work and Family

Happy Father’s Day! We have four “Mag-Daddys” on the team, and today, we want to recognize them for being incredible fathers and marketers! We know having two full-time jobs is not easy. Let’s hear from the Magneti dads about how they balance their work, home and personal lives: Ben Robb What does work-life balance mean… Read more »

Welcome to the Team, Matt!

And now, coming to the plate for Magneti…Web Developer…Matt Gallant! *cue walkout song* We’re excited for you to get to know him! What is your favorite part about living in Colorado? My original drive to move to Colorado from Florida was to add some change to the seasons. I have always loved the fall and… Read more »

The Blogging Practice That Can Kill Law Firms

Blogging is a huge opportunity for businesses to have an online voice, share original and valuable content with customers (current and prospective) and become a thought leader. This is especially true for personal injury law firms, which can struggle to appear genuine and personal. However, the nature of personal injury law firms’ work (which often… Read more »

8 Pay-Per-Click Tips for Law Firms

When it comes to advertising online through Google AdWords, the personal injury space is one of the most competitive and expensive. Law firms can easily spend hundreds of thousands of dollars per month on digital ads, as keywords related to law can cost over $50 per click. This high cost is generally justified by the… Read more »

The Magneti Moms on Work-Life Balance

Happy Mother’s Day! Today, we want to recognize the amazing women on our team who balance motherhood and marketing! We know having two full time jobs is not easy. Let’s hear from the Magneti moms about how they balance their work, home and personal lives: Nerissa England What does work-life balance mean to you? Before… Read more »

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