HubSpot is an inbound marketing platform that will transform how your personal injury law firm executes digital marketing, making your work more efficient and effective. HubSpot tracks prospects from the first time someone visits your site until they become a client, so you know exactly where each case originates.

Every minute counts when turning a lead into a case. HubSpot helps you get leads to intake as quickly as possible by sending alerts via email or integrating with your intake software. Whether a prospect takes days or weeks to make a decision, HubSpot will help you stay in touch with the prospect, nurturing them through their decision process.

HubSpot is made up of 18 distinct apps that will likely replace all the other marketing tools you’re using. We aren’t going to go through all 18, but we’ll discuss the key features of HubSpot that make it an excellent fit for law firm marketing.

HubSpot Sources Report

The HubSpot Sources Report takes Google Analytics, which is the benchmark for digital analysis and reporting, to the next level. The Sources Report shows analytics by traffic source, similar to Google Analytics, but also allows tracking by visits, contacts and cases (customers). As contacts become cases, the Sources Report shows you how many cases derived from your specific channels (such as paid traffic, organic visits, or social media). The same data also allows you to track how each individual contact originally got to the website and became a lead.

HubSpot Sources Report Graph

Law firms can spend thousands of dollars per case through traditional advertising – TV, billboards, bus banners, etc. – and it is nearly impossible to accurately calculate the ROI of those specific marketing efforts. Digital marketing allows you to track ad spending more effectively, and the HubSpot Sources Report ensures that not a single dollar goes untracked.

HubSpot Sources Report Chart

The Sources Report allows your marketing team to accurately report ROI intelligence so your executive team can make educated investment decisions about digital marketing.

Landing Pages

The HubSpot landing page app allows you to quickly create landing pages in-house without bothering your designer or developer. The landing page app will help you track landing page performance at an advanced level and allows you to continually test and improve landing page performance.

Landing Pages

If you use a website like WordPress, it’s easy to manage content and create landing pages. However, HubSpot features customized templates which make the process even more efficient.

Turning website visitors into leads and then cases happens very quickly at law firms. A/B split testing can help to improve lead generation efforts. A one percent improvement in the conversion rate of a landing page can translate into a significant increase in the number of cases generated from your inbound marketing efforts. The analytics on HubSpot landing pages allow you to make decisions about optimizing your page more quickly and purposefully.

Pay-Per-Click Add-On

HubSpot has a PPC add-on that allows your marketing team to track your Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Sponsored Content back to specific sources. HubSpot will calculate the exact ROI on all of your ads – no estimating required.

PPC Add On

This capability is a breakthrough for law firm marketing teams. Through the HubSpot Pay-Per-Click Add-On, your team can increase your digital marketing efforts by knowing exactly how much money your ads generate. The add-on also allows you to build conversion-optimized ads within HubSpot.

Contacts / Lead Management

As a marketer, you probably don’t have a lot of information about the leads coming in through your law firm’s website. Typically, leads come through a form and go directly into an intake or case management tool and then to the legal team. You rarely get to see information about your firm’s leads that could help you evaluate and improve your marketing. HubSpot gives you direct access to your firm’s leads so you can see exactly how each person made the journey from website visitor to lead to case.

For example, you will see that a lead:

  1. Visited the site via organic traffic using the keyword “auto accident attorney”
  2. Visited the auto accident landing page and three other pages
  3. Downloaded an ebook
  4. Filled out the free case evaluation form
  5. Became a case

HubSpot can be integrated with intake or case management tools such as Litify, Captorra or Needles so no detail is lost in the handoff from marketing to intake. HubSpot can also integrate with chat tools like Ngage and Apex to show that a lead came through your chat software.

Contact Lead Management

The Contacts app in HubSpot allows you to track page visits and form completions as well as information like email statistics (received, open and clickthrough rates) and social media interaction.

This information on individual contacts gives invaluable intel, such as: how effectively an ebook generates leads, which pages contribute to lead generation, how social media influences the journey from visitor to case and how long it takes for a website visitor to become a case.


Email is a valuable channel of communication for law firms because it is often the most direct channel for nurturing leads into cases. HubSpot’s email function allows you to stay in touch with leads throughout the nurturing process – no matter what the time frame is. Email nurturing is an efficient way to support intake as well.


HubSpot’s emails can be easily set up in workflows that allow a natural, customizable progression of nurturing. Once a lead becomes a case, the contact can automatically be removed from the email workflow to make the process seamless for both your team and your clients.

Page Performance

Law firms get lots of solicitation from marketing agencies that can make SEO seem too confusing to execute internally. However, HubSpot makes SEO a manageable in-house activity. The HubSpot page performance tool allows your marketing team to view and improve your website pages. Features of HubSpot page performance include:

  • Total views: Page-by-page number of views for all pages tracked through HubSpot
  • Inbound links: View links from external websites that link to your page
  • Calls-to-action: Percentage of page views that result in clicks of the page’s CTA
Page Performance

HubSpot facilitates step-by-step search engine optimization by page. Law firms are a competitive space, and it is imperative that your law firm is found before others. You can also manage off-page SEO through inbound link monitoring through HubSpot.

Social Media

HubSpot has a social media scheduling tool, similar to that of Hootsuite or Buffer, but with integrated reporting. If you don’t use one already, scheduling tools save your marketing team significant time, allow you to create more intentional and organized posts and help you optimize the time of day to post messages.

Social Media

If you already use a tool like Hootsuite or Buffer, you understand the benefits of scheduling. However, switching to HubSpot will save your law firm money and save your marketing team time. HubSpot social media is compatible with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

Personal injury law is an incredibly competitive industry. Many firms spend hundreds of thousands of dollars each month on TV, radio, billboard and other advertising. However, digital marketing can drive leads and cases at a lower cost than other advertising channels and help your firm.

As you look for a competitive edge in your market, enhancing your marketing with HubSpot give you an advantage over other firms. More and more law firms will be using HubSpot in the coming years, so get a head start today! HubSpot can transform how your law firm markets itself and save your marketing team time and resources. From on-page search optimization to social media marketing, this software helps turn website visitors into cases. The features of HubSpot are far beyond what we discussed here, and if you have additional questions, we’d be happy to tell you more about the platform — just send us a note.

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