Employers Council

5+ Years of Digital Marketing Growth

Executive Summary

Employers Council, a nonprofit organization, was founded in 1945 and provides employers of all sizes and industries with the resources needed to build and maintain profitable organizations. Employers Council’s services include outsourced HR, training & development, compensation planning & data, and investigations.

When Magneti first partnered with what was then called the Mountain States Employers Council (MSEC) in 2016, they had just acquired two regional organizations and were badly in need of a digital evolution to grow their presence and continue to compete in a number of crowded industries.

Over the next 5+ years, Magneti helped MSEC evolve their brand identity to Employers Council, preserving and building on over 70 years of brand equity.

Together, we overhauled their digital infrastructure to match an impressive volume of inbound content creation, increased their web traffic year-over-year, and implemented a consistently high-performing digital marketing machine.

Employer Council’s Challenge

Mountain States Employers Council needed to evolve their identity to incorporate their recent acquisitions, simplify the structure of their services, and strengthen their messaging to appeal to employers at companies of all sizes. On top of that, they needed to evolve their digital presence to rise above specialized competitors across a variety of industries.

How We Did It:

Over 5+ years, Magneti guided Employers Council through marketing program and infrastructure development, while driving lead generation growth across their myriad of professional services offerings.

Initiative 1: Research & Brand Evolution

In 2016, Magneti first engaged with the Mountain States Employers Council (MSEC) – who had recently acquired two similar organizations in Arizona and Utah – in a comprehensive research and brand process to fuel the growth of their organization and more accurately represent their growing national presence.

Magneti carried out a thorough competitive analysis, qualitative research, and message testing to drive the insights needed for an effective brand evolution.

Key personas were established, and the research identified a desire from current, target, and lapsed members to lean into the level of personalized, cross-discipline service that MSEC offered over automated and specialized competitors.

The result of the brand process was an updated name:

Mountain States Employers Council → Employers Council

Plus an updated visual and verbal brand, with a thorough roll-in to train their employees, and a thorough roll-out to provide seamless adoption from their members.

Logo Transition Video:

Initiative 2: First Web Overhaul

Fueled by research insights and a brand evolution, Magneti helped Employers Council radically overhaul their website and their member portal.

The new web properties provided easier access to online resources for their members, and boosted marketing efforts with a custom, conversion-focused UX.

Before Magneti’s brand and web evolution:

MSEC Homepage

Magneti’s brand and web evolution:

Employers Council 2017 Homepage

Initiative 3: HubSpot & Digital Marketing

Next, Magneti helped Employers Council launch and integrate HubSpot into their marketing mix to capitalize on their content production capabilities and increase the volume of inbound leads.

Through consistent email marketing, SEO-driven content production, video, social media, and PPC activities, Magneti helped grow their traffic year-over-year and deliver a steady stream of inbound leads to multiple departments and locations.


Employers Council Reporting - Industry traffic growth comparison during pandemic

Sample Content:

Employers Council landing page showing how much you could save

Initiative 4: Second Web Overhaul

In 2021, Magneti and Employers Council partnered once again to overhaul their web presence and keep up with growing competition in multiple industries. Fueled by another round of independent research, Magneti helped translate a simplified solution architecture and persona-focused messaging into an evolved, highly engaging web presence built for attraction and conversion.

Employers Council Homepage circa 2021


With a dedicated, multi-year partnership, Magneti was able to establish the right marketing program infrastructure and execute the right mix of activities to drive lasting, sustainable growth.

Beginning with research and a brand evolution — then two website overhauls and the implementation of new marketing tools — Magneti helped Employers Council grow its presence in multiple markets and begin to establish itself nationwide.

If you’d like to unlock deep research insights, connect with the right audiences, and equip your company for healthy, long-term growth, get in touch with Magneti today.

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