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Research, Naming, Brand, and Web

Executive Summary

NCS America is a healthcare technology and medical device company with offices both internationally and in the U.S. They came to Magneti for help naming and branding their U.S. division and the products that fall under it.

In a tight timeframe, Magneti guided NCS America through a seamless naming and branding process, evolving their name to Alyve Medical, and providing a new logo and color palette for their product Neuralign System S.

With a trade show around the corner, Magneti also translated the new name and brand into a full visual identity, creating an immersive web presence to help them roll out their latest innovative product.

Neuralign Ad

NCS America’s Challenge

NCS America needed a partner to help them appeal to physicians, academic facilities, physical therapists, and – ultimately – patients. Messaging would need to comply with their recent FDA approval, and new branding would need to drive curiosity and inspire adoption.

How We Did It:

Within a tight timeline, Magneti guided NCS America through an efficient research, brand, and web process.

Step 1: Research

Magneti conducted five in-depth interviews with internal stakeholders to help translate the authenticity and aspirations for the brand into the right creative visual and verbal choices.

These interviews unsurfaced why this technology is so cutting edge in its space, the unique benefits it offers to physicians, physical therapists, and their patients, and a strong desire to improve the lives of people with lingering issues that haven’t improved.

Step 2: Naming & Branding

Tapping into the research insights, Magneti guided NCS America through a full branding process, clarifying positioning, crystallizing their archetypal personality, and re-naming the company to Alyve Medical.

From there, we built out a branded visual system with clear architecture:

  • The Parent Company: Alyve Medical
  • Their Primary Product: Neuralign System S, with a brand system built for expansion

Step 3: Web

With the parent brand logo and the logo of their main product line locked in, Magneti built out a full visual identity that represents the ingenuity, innovation, and life-transforming benefits of the Neuralign System S medical device.

Neuralign System S web page mockup


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