Colorado Springs won, the nation won, and now Magneti has won. That’s what I call a dream come true. Today, I am proud to announce that Magneti will represent the communication interests of The United States Olympic Museum and Hall of Fame. Phew, what an honor. Just reading this back to myself I get chills.

The competition came from agencies from all coasts of the United States. And, you know… why wouldn’t they? The chance to represent the first and only Olympic Museum and Hall of Fame containing the memorabilia, media, technology and the thousands of stories behind the dedicated American athletes who followed their dreams and helped generations of Americans realize historical national pride.

Let’s not mix words; this is a project worth laying it out for. Which we did, and it showed. We won. I couldn’t be more proud of our team who poured countless hours of blood, sweat, and tears into the proposal; their hard work paid off. We love sports, we love Colorado Springs, and we all love America. This is our chance to show this love off. Magneti is ready.

We all have ‘that moment’ when it all came together: the Olympics, a gold medal effort….you know, one of those moments that stands in time “I remember where I was and what I was doing when Kerri Strug heroically limped and battled and won gold.” That was mine, I am sure you remember yours…

I mean we are talking The Dream Team, The Miracle on Ice, Kristi Yamaguchi, Jesse Owens, Carl Lewis, Muhammad Ali, and Mary Lou Retton just to name a few ( of the thousands of athletes that made America proud). These are HEAVY hitters, American Heroes, world beaters and people we often aspire to be like; and rightfully so. It is wonderful; all of their stories now have a home.

This museum is opening in Colorado Springs. I can’t think of a more exciting time for our little city at the foot of the mountains. When the museum opens in 2018, it will drive economic development, introduce people from all over the world to Southern Colorado, bring needed vitality to a portion of the city that desperately needs it and, most importantly, give all of us a great deal of pride.

We have a huge responsibility and challenge ahead of us, but I know we are up to the task. We look forward to sharing updates of this monumental project as it unfolds. Get ready for the fun ride everyone; it is going to be a blast.

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