Kimberly Canfield, Magneti’s new Digital Marketing Specialist, is a content strategist and SEO savant who’s bringing our marketing prowess to another level.

She’s also a fitness enthusiast who’s snorkeled with sharks in Belize, savored all sorts of pasta along the Amalfi Coast, strolled the decadent halls of the Louvre — and has her sights set on Thailand for her next voyage.

Kimberly, Yuma, and Deion


What drew you to Magneti?

It was the people! I was in the midst of my job search and Jill called me out of the blue one day. Kyle had known my previous CEO and found that I was in need of a job, which prompted Jill to call. That initial conversation felt like so much more than just a “pre-interview call”. We talked about so much more and the conversation was seamless. We all know how dull and monotonous pre-interview calls can be but it truly stuck out as a conversation I wanted to continue, which was refreshing. From there, I met Ray and Emily, and I really felt like this was somewhere that I could see myself fitting into. Even throughout all of my initial conversations with various team members, I feel like we all clicked together, which was something I was missing in previous jobs.

Of course, the professional experience and opportunity to grow my skill sets was also a huge asset. I had been working in the content/SEO world for 5 years and was excited to broaden my knowledge. I saw this place as somewhere I would be able to learn, grow, and thrive, and so far that is exactly what it has been!

You mentioned that you have zero athletic ability. Can you think of one time to share with us when you were surprisingly successful in an athletic endeavor?

I can’t think of any time, probably because there aren’t any. My friends say I am the “most unathletic athletic person” haha. I grew up as a dancer and I love working out (weightlifting, cycling, yoga, and pilates) which is athletic, but ask me to do any ball type sport…I will not be participating in that. Zero hand/eye coordination. Our skiing day should be an interesting time for me too. Maybe that will be something I find myself surprisingly successful at!

You made a big shift when you switched from becoming a therapist to moving into marketing. What transferable skills did you bring to your new role, and do you think your counseling/therapy skill set might benefit you in the marketing industry?

I think interpersonal skills such as active listening, managing conflict, and effective communication have been extremely transferable. Learning how to advocate/stand up for others and myself in a compassionate and professional manner has also been a huge skill I’ve taken with me. Lastly, learning how to work with a variety of people and not take things personally has allowed me to benefit in this “new” marketing industry.

Health and fitness play important roles in your life. What makes those values important to you, and how do you integrate them into your life on the daily?

My journey in health and fitness initially started out as a way to help keep me active after I stopped dancing in college. From there, I found that physical fitness and activity was a huge asset in my mental health. It is something that is a daily priority for me, whether that be going to the gym super early in the morning, during a lunch break, or even a quick walk in between meetings, it’s something that I will always prioritize. It helps me decompress and get out of the house, which is important when working a remote job (which I love).

What are your top 5 travel destinations?

Top 5 places I have been, in no order…

    1. Italy, specifically the Amalfi Coast but all of Italy is amazing.
    2. Turkey, we were in Ephesus for a day and that was so cool. The culture and the history were my favorite things.
    3. Hawaii, if I could spend all day swimming in the ocean I would. Seeing whales and sea turtles was such a highlight.
    4. Paris, the art, food, and everything else.
    5. Belize, snorkeling and swimming with sharks was really fun!
Shark Ray Alley


Top 5 places I would like to visit…

    1. Turks and Caicos
    2. Thailand
    3. Japan
    4. Would love to go back to Italy
    5. Africa, anywhere to see a safari


What’s your favorite thing to cook?

Pasta, I make a delicious vodka sauce and mac and cheese! I also love to bake.

Tell us about the (furry) love of your life (no offense, Deion!).

Yuma is 9 years old, he is half corgi and half mini Aussie. He truly is the love of my life, haha. He lives with my parents but stays with us pretty often and can frequently be seen in the background of meetings. He’s the sweetest boy ever. He likes people more than other dogs. He loves cheese, any type of meat, plants, attention from people, puppachinos, and stuffed toys. He hates baths, airplanes, his harness, and vegetables.

Yuma, Kimberly’s dog


If you had one extra hour in the day, what would you do with it?

The boring answer is that I would sleep. I feel like there’s never enough time in the day and that is usually what suffers when I’m trying to get things done! The answer I would like to do would be any type of extra self care activity like journaling or reading. I’m not much of a reader but would love to become one! Send me book recommendations.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

I would tell myself to be proud of your culture. Growing up in a predominantly white neighborhood and having white parents (who I love dearly), I used to be pretty ashamed of being Asian. I never wanted to bring the asian snacks and foods that I liked to school out of fear that kids would think they were weird. I just wanted to fit in and not many kids looked like me.

Now, I am so proud of my heritage. I love celebrating it and love being a part of the Asian community. I love talking about it with people, my experience being adopted, and all other things surrounding that. I also love that so many people are being exposed to more asian culture, whether it be tv shows, movies, food, etc.

Kimberly's Family
Kimberly and her family

Your future biography will be titled…

I want to be home or in bed by 9pm.

Welcome to Magneti, Kimberly!

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