Anyone in digital marketing knows the sinking feeling associated with bad online reviews. Negative feedback can be damaging for your brand in a world where more people than ever rely on online reviews for advice before buying a product or service.

By ignoring poor online reviews, you create the impression of not caring about customers’ opinions and/or not wishing to do anything about the complaint. The negativity created by the original review will linger — and even grow.

However, if handled correctly, bad online reviews can be converted into a business opportunity. By addressing complaints quickly, politely, and to the satisfaction of the customer, you encourage positive reviews and build brand loyalty amongst your customers. Here’s why:


Addressing bad reviews shows you’re listening

By addressing the online customer complaint immediately, finding out the nature of the problem and dealing with it successfully you do more than increase your chances of retaining the customer’s business. You also demonstrate to others that you take their opinions seriously and that your company’s service ethos is a priority.

bad online reviews

You can build trust with your customers

A survey by found that customers trust positive reviews more if they see negative as well as positive reviews. If the bad online reviews are dealt with quickly and with a positive approach, trust is demonstrated and the readers feel that by dealing with you, their opinion will be respected. This trust is reciprocated, building brand loyalty.


You’ll demonstrate willingness to accept responsibility

Others will see that by apologizing to the person making the online complaint and accepting responsibility for the problem or error, you are willing to show empathy and contriteness. It shows customers that you are flexible, actively involved in problem-solving, and that their feedback means a great deal to your company.

By showing customers and potential clients how important opinions are to your business, you demonstrate you are proactive in your approach. This indicates a positive and strong company culture. People will want to deal with a business that puts out fires quickly and successfully with politeness and the minimum of fuss.


Far from having a poor impact on your company, an early and successful response to negative reviews — as part of a responsive digital marketing strategy — can help build brand loyalty. How have you handled bad reviews? Or have you noticed a company that does this particularly well? Send us a message to let us know!

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