Magneti’s People + Ops Manager Jill Hartwig is an expert at piecing together the puzzle of job requirements and skillsets.

She’s kind, articulate, thoughtful, and a master at prioritizing the right things in life. Plus, she’s got killer recommendations – from what running shoes to wear to what coffee maker you should buy.

What drew you to Magneti?
The People + Ops Manager position checked my boxes in terms of offering part-time hours within a school-day schedule. That felt big to me. The position as described appealed to a desire to pursue my passion of helping fantastic people find fantastic jobs. I love people – all of them! And I could tell that because of that shared value, Magneti and I could be fast friends.

It sounds like you have an amazing family. Tell us about them.
Awww . . . thanks! I love those guys!

Jill and her husband on their son Matt's adoption day

Jill and her family

My husband, Ryan, and I have been married for 20 years as of October 2021. For some reason, that anniversary marker felt like a big one in a lot of ways. When I look at my grandparents, 20 years married feels like nothing, but when I measure it in terms of shared joys, difficulties, and countless conflicts resolved, it feels like a milestone worth celebrating – and so we did with a trip for two to Kauaii, Hawaii. Delightful!

Jill and her husband on their son Matt's adoption day

Jill and her husband the day they adopted their son Matt

We have four kids plus a labradoodle: Halle (17 and a senior in high school), Alia (16 and a sophomore in high school), Kate (14 and in 8th grade), Matt (8 and in 2nd grade), and Tilly (just over one year old). They are each so unique and fun! Matt is adopted, and his contribution to our collective family life has been remarkably shaping. All of them make me laugh – usually every single day – which is a really good thing, especially on the harder days!

Jill's dog Tilly

Jill’s dog Tilly

Name one random talent you have that has no business on stage.

Singing. Well actually, me + a singing career. I realize that this ship has already sailed in life, but I have a sharp memory of forgetting the words to a song I was contracted to sing at someone’s wedding as a 15-year old – in the middle of singing it! This probably explains my affection for karaoke, where every single word is provided line by line.

You have a favorite running shoe. What is it and why?
When it comes to running shoes, I am a bit particular – and for good reason: I’m old. I’ve had all sorts of foot issues over the years, stemming all the way back from high school sports. But I love to run. And so, when I discovered a brand of running shoe with insanely large cushioned soles that promised minimum weight and maximum stability, I was hooked. Feel free to check them out here. They may not be pretty (or so I’ve been told by my children!), but I would happily sacrifice my “cool” factor any day for the comfort they offer!

Do you love coffee, or do you really love coffee? What’s your favorite tool of the coffee trade?
But first, coffee. For me, that’s not just a saying. I can flex if I have to (insert a sigh of sadness in this scenario), but that is really how I start most days here at home! I have two favorite tools: the AeroPress and a frothing wand. My toolkit is cheap and enduring – I’ve had both tools for nearly 10 years – but the resulting latte is (still) delicious every time!

What’s your comfort food?
Pizza. Hands down. My top pick would be a pizza with a killer dough consistency – slightly crispy with a hint of a chewy inside – and creative toppings paired with a really good cider. Yum!

What are your top 5 travel destinations?
Who can choose just five?! Places I’d like to return: Guatemala, Belize, Thailand, Spain, and New Zealand. Places I’d like to newly discover: Brazil, India, Australia, Sweden, and South Africa.

Favorite books, go!
Anything by C.S. Lewis. I think he’s brilliant. I’m currently rereading The Chronicles of Narnia with my eight year old, and I’m loving every bit of it! The Art of Gathering by Priya Parker, Black Like Me by John Howard Griffin, Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens, and Essentialism by Greg McKeown. I also have a love affair with good mystery or intrigue writing, so I know I’m on vacation when I crack open an Anthony Horowitz, David Baldacci, or Vince Flynn book. An easy, entertaining read paired with a fruity drink with an umbrella is a true sign of relaxation for me!

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
Be kind to each other. You have no idea what it feels like to walk in the shoes of the person who is next to you.

You’re leading hiring efforts here at Magneti. What’s your favorite aspect of the hiring process?
I love to try to see people as fully as I can in my short interview time with them. I like to play a game that looks sort of like a jigsaw puzzle in my mind that combines how the unique needs of a specific company or position match with the unique talents, giftings, and desires of a qualified candidate. It feels like a “win” when the puzzle pieces match nearly perfectly!

Welcome to Magneti, Jill!

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