Shout out to James, the newest Graphic Designer to join the Magneti team! For proof that James is a fun and friendly guy you’ll love to work with, check out his answers to our Get-to-Know-You questionnaire below (you’re gonna want to know where #jimijesusjohn came from):

What drew you to Magneti?
Honestly, something pulled me toward Magneti; I felt compelled to apply in hopes of sharing and learning as much as I could. I liked the message, client work, and focus on results.

If you could live in any other era, when and where would you choose?
Though fascinated about several ancient cultures, such as ancient mesopotamia to the 1920s, I choose now, staking my claim to make this my best life with the time I’ve been blessed with.

Name one game or activity you will always dominate in.
Chess would be an awesome answer to this question. But, if it’s anything I do well it’s sauteed mushrooms. Recipe: EVOO, Grass Fed Butter, Garlic Powder or Fresh Garlic, Black Pepper, Sea Salt, Light Soy Sauce or Liquid Amino’s (my fav), and sliced Portobello Mushrooms.


What movie has your favorite quotes or one-liners?
The Matrix, Talladega Nights, Coming to America, Rocky IV, No Retreat No Surrender, Meet the Parents!

Your future biography will be titled:
A genuine man of his word and service.

What’s the best trip or vacation you’ve ever taken?
A visit to Lake Tahoe & Virginia City, Nevada. The latter being an old mining/ghost town.

Cat videos or dog memes?
Dog memes (I’ve owned and loved cats though).

If you could have a famous best friend (dead or alive) who would it be?
Jimi Hendrix, Jesus, or John Lennon. #jimijesusjohn

What advice would you give your younger self?
Stay free, keep drawing, keep good friends around, and know it’s all passing away.

Here’s Rocky, James’ dog, posing like the model we all know he is:

Picture of James' dog Rocky
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