Magneti Marketing Manager Emily Buss does a little bit of everything: she’s got a flair for portrait photography, a knack for graphic design, and (of course) some serious management skills!

She also has a handful of superb recommendations if you’re ever in need of delicious take-out in Denver — or a Disney movie to watch while you chow down.

We can’t wait for you to get to know her!

What drew you to Magneti?

Ever since graduating college, I was on a mission to find a company where I felt like I belonged, and when I found Magneti I immediately felt like it was somewhere that I could fit in. Culture is so important to me, and everyone I met during the interview process I immediately clicked with so I knew this was the company culture I’ve been searching for.

Your family seems pretty important to you. Tell us about them.

My family is the BEST! It’s my mom, dad, older brother, Tyler, his wife/my sister-in-law, Lizzy, and my younger brother, Ryan. My parents and my older brother, and his wife live back in Illinois, and my younger brother lives out here in Colorado with me. We have all been super close my whole life. We even go on vacations together at least 1 to 2 times a year. I also have all of my grandparents, aunts & uncles, and cousins in Illinois, and when we all get together for holidays and vacations, it’s so much fun. I go back to Illinois probably way too often to see all of them!

Emily & her fam on their most recent vacation to Charleston, SC!


You’re an outdoorsy-city girl. What are things you enjoy when you’re living the best of both worlds?

I absolutely love having the option of city or mountain living out here in Denver. I love living in downtown Denver because I can walk or scooter to grocery stores and restaurants/bars whenever I want, plus, I love Denver’s downtown area because it’s small enough, not really crowded, and has beautiful creek/parks to walk along. Then, whenever I need some nature in my life, I just go on a drive into the mountains and find a new hiking trail. I know it’s cheesy, but the mountains really are my happy place. Being outdoors and in the mountains is very healing for me.

One of Emily’s favorite hikes Lake Isabelle, out near Ward, CO!


Cats, cats, cats! Tell us about yours and what makes him so great! And will you share one of your favorite cat videos with us?

Oh man, don’t even get me started on my cat. His name is Milo, and he is my very best friend. Milo is a special cat because he’s more like a dog than he is a cat. He’s so silly, loves to play (fetch), and loves being around every person. He’s not scared of anyone or anything. Milo has a personality that is bigger than life and that’s why I love him so much. It’s so hard to choose just one of my favorite videos because he does so many silly things, but here are a few!


Creating art, viewing art, doing photography, etc. You seem to love all things creative. Tell us about your favorite creative outlet at the moment.

I do love all things creative! Specifically, photography has been a huge creative passion of mine my whole life. I get extremely excited when I see a photo that I’ve taken turn out beautifully. I recently discovered how much I love portrait photography and making people feel really good about themselves through photos. I even did wedding photography for a short amount of time. Overall though, I don’t create and/or view art as much as I would like to and it’s something I need to push myself to do more of.

What TV show are you currently watching?

I am REALLY bad at starting new TV shows. I don’t have a long enough attention span to actually commit to watching a whole series, so I always resort back to the same shows that I’ve seen multiple times before. More often I just put on one of my shows in the background and do other things while it plays. Some of those shows are Friends, Bob’s Burgers, New Girl, or How I Met Your Mother. I also am a HUGE crime junkie, so if I’m not watching one of my feel-good background shows, I am watching a true crime show or listening to a true crime podcast.

Best Denver takeout spot(s) (so far – we know you’re always looking for new, fantastic options!)?

Ooooooh. Difficult question!! My go-to takeout food is always Asian food so I’ve found a few spots around Denver that are my favorite for good, fast Asian food! iFish is right in downtown Denver and has everything from sushi to orange chicken to ramen. It also has a really cheap all day happy hour menu! Another spot which is located in the Capitol Hill area is Wokano Asian Bistro which is so good for take out or eating in! And on S. Broadway St. there is Chubby Cattle and Karma Asian. Chubby Cattle is a nicer restaurant with hot pot (YUM!) and conveyor belt sushi, and Karma Asian is a little more of a hole in the wall place, but their spicy edamame is something I dream about ?

Wokano Asian Bistro — *chef’s kiss*


If you’re looking for not-Asian food (I know I just went on a rant about it), you should try The Walnut Room for some amazing pizza and wings! Small plug because it’s the restaurant I also work at, but it really is the best thin-crust pizza that you can customize however you want, plus has some awesome specialty pizzas like jalapeno popper pizza or BBQ chicken pizza. On top of that, the wings & wing sauces are TO DIE FOR ? Okay, can you tell I like food?


Welcome to Magneti, EMILY!

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