With over 8 years of experience driving results up and down the funnel, there’s no doubt that Magneti Paid Search + Social Strategist Adalberto Garibay is a digital marketer extraordinaire.

He’s also a cognoscente of the Chicago food scene — so if you need a recommendation for some killer shakes, fries, or Puerto Rican cuisine in the area, Ady’s got you covered.

We can’t wait for you to get to know him!

What drew you to Magneti?

What drew me to Magneti was the creativity, impactful work, and passionate people. This combination truly felt authentic and genuine, which made me really want to be a part of such an amazing group. (And yay, now I am!)

Your family seems pretty important to you. Tell us about them.

Yeah, they definitely are! I love them! My home family is: my wife (Leila), me, our dog (Rocky), and cat (Zaya). Leila, Rocky, and I are usually going places together (if we can bring him — but Rocky also hates too many people / being over-stimulated). He’s more of a nice chill inside boy, which leaves us to do our own thing together and then come back later to hang out with him (yup you heard that right — he very much likes us all to hang out in 1 room together lol).

As for my immediate family, yes we are very close, too — I grew up really close with my mom, my grandma, and my now not-so-little sister.

On a chill weekend when we’re not really doing anything, you can usually find Leila, Rocky, and I at my mom’s house (with gma and sis) spending time together, grilling some carne asada, chilling in the pool, or helping with some type of project lol.

Ady's family

You’re an outdoorsy-city guy. What are things you enjoy when you’re living the best of both worlds?

In Chicago, there’s a lot of cool events (outdoor and indoor) like food truck fests, music/art festivals, brewery events and tours, farmer’s markets, sporting events, comedy shows, or other entertaining stuff like that. I love these things because it lets me enjoy the city boy life and be outside / explore the city too. Also, Chicago is so beautiful in the summertime, and I feel like there’s always something to do or popping up. (Gotta enjoy the sun and good weather while we can!)

And going the more outdoorsy route, I live somewhat close to Lake Michigan, so I like going to the beach when possible. Also, we’ve camped in IL and WI, which was great and not far.

Plus, I also live by Humboldt Park, and other nice parks and trails — so I run or bike ride or walk my dog at these spots.

As you can probably see, I just like being “out and about.” Lol.

 outdoorsy-city guy

If you were a superhero, what would your superpower and name be?

Ahh good question.. Hmm… I’d probably have my superpower be teleportation — so I can quickly travel to cool places and fun destinations, see new things, save time and money, and simply be able to go anywhere I want at a moment’s notice. This also includes teleporting home for when I’m tired and need to recharge haha.

Name would probably be G-Man (maybe that’s short for Gone-Man or Go-Man?!)

Name one unnecessary skill you believe you’ve mastered.

Bringing all the groceries inside the house in 1 trip, or successfully mumbling songs that I claim to know. Been practicing my whole life and seemingly only getting better at these things.

What TV show are you currently watching?

Ummm, not currently watching anything in particular right now. But I did just finish “Succession” not that long ago — and wow, sooo goood! Can’t believe I missed out for so long!

Other tv shows that I LOVE & can watch forever: The Office & Seinfeld.


Best Chicago takeout spot(s)?
My local fav right now is this chicken/burger place called Lucy’s. It’s a cool small spot that is like 1960’s themed — so it has cool old posters, logos/ads, etc. Also, it has great shakes! I bounce between strawberry and chocolate ?

Another great spot is Small Cheval – basically kind of the same as above. Great burger place with shakes. Fries are delicious…(in fact, I just went there again earlier this week lol)

Other honorable mentions: Reno Pizza, Portillos, and this one seemingly random food truck in Humboldt Park called ‘Busca Bulla” – they sell really good Puerto Rican food. They literally never move their food truck and it has a giant picture of a jacked crocodile-character on the side of the trailer. (I love it. I’ve tried a lot of others, BUT this one is my fav truck by far!)

Best Chicago takeout spot(s)?

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