The team at Magneti Marketing, a leading provider of marketing and branding strategy, announced the acquisition of Global Seven Agency, a Colorado Springs-based digital marketing firm with clients and employees across the globe. The acquisition brings Magneti a fresh crop of national clients, resources, and employees.

“I’m thrilled to bring the Global Seven and Magneti teams under one roof,” said Marcus Haggard, co-found and Chief Strategist for Magneti. “They are a dynamic, talented, and hard-working team, and they share Magneti’s focus on delivering solid results to our clients. I couldn’t be more happy to acquire a company of this caliber.”

In addition to their workwith clients such as the Pikes Peak Community Foundation, Logiix, and Brokers International, Magneti’s team was instrumental in the massively successful Wildfire Tees fundraising campaign, as well as the Rebrand the Springs effort in 2012. Global Seven’s clients include YoungLife,, Xledger, CodeBaby, Altia, BookCheetah, and Digital Beam. Global Seven was founded in 2010 by CEO Adam Williams and Chief of Global Development Jon Hoppin.

“We’re truly honored to join forces with the folks at Magneti. They’ve been a part of huge projects in the past and we see new opportunities pop up every day because of their expertise and networks,” said Adam Williams, CEO of Global Seven. The Global Seven team has already begun working closely with Magneti.

“This acquisition is a huge win for us. Global Seven gives us the ability to provide customized marketing solutions even better than we did before,” said Tucker Wannamaker, co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Magneti. “Their expertise in business and marketing strategy puts us in a unique position to work with more complex companies, campaigns, and causes.” Wannamaker is also being recognized by the Colorado Springs Business Journal as a 2013 Rising Star.

The terms of the deal have not been disclosed. The two companies crossed paths and worked out a deal while working at downtown’s Epicentral coworking space. “This merger represents so much of what we wanted to have happen in the space,” said Lisa Tessarowicz, co-owner of Epicentral. “Two amazing companies, with incredible founders, coming together to grow their business, better serve their clientele, and be an even stronger force in the world of internet marketing. We look forward to celebrating their continued, and now combined, success.”

Magneti aims to be the most effective and innovative growth marketing team in Colorado.