There are many ways to describe the infectious passion Tucker Wannamaker brings to an organization. My personal favorite is his determination. When Tucker gravitates towards a mission he believes in, he sees it through to the end with the tenacity of a professional athlete like Peyton Manning. Here at Magneti, we have witnessed this determination on many projects such as WildFire Tees, Raise the Barn fundraiser for Venetucci Farms, and the big transition of the Character Education Partnership’s (CEP) communications, one of our D.C. clients. Tucker has a special talent of grabbing onto an idea and seeing it through and more times than not the results WIN and win the right way: through hard work, empowerment of ‘team,’ and pure creativity.

CEP experienced these attributes even more when Tucker relocated to D.C. to open our office in the nation’s capital. Part of his mission in D.C. was to raise the level of understanding and visibility of CEP. His tireless work ethic and determination was immediately seen by CEP as he helped them raise the bar on many branding and marketing initiatives. To say the least, it has been a great year for Tucker, Magneti, and CEP in D.C.

So much so, that CEP recently hired Tucker to be their full-time Director of Communications. Effective immediately, Tucker will be stepping down as our Chief Marketer.

Privately, people have asked me if this move upsets the rhythm at Magneti… “Your founder is leaving, yikes?” is typically the question. First of all, it is within our core beliefs at Magneti to never hold anyone back from finding a way to achieve their dreams. I do not want to work in a world in which people don’t reach out to new experiences and challenges; we actually promote that here. We were thrilled when Tucker said he found a passionate movement he could support and support well. I want my answer to be clear: Magneti is stronger than ever and has huge designs on 2015; Magneti supports Tucker with a clear heart; Magneti has an abundance of talent within its walls, and there isn’t one person who drives our success. It is our team of true professionals that does this.

The entire Magneti team would like to congratulate Tucker on this new challenge and the advancement of his career path. We love you, brother, and we support you —always!

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