Meet Ben Robb, our new Director of Strategic Engagement.

* Now Magneti’s Chief Marketing Officer

Ben at the finish line of the 2015 Pikes Peak Marathon.

What brought you to Magneti?

I worked with Magneti as a client for two and a half years. We had a lot of fun together and won some awards. My skill set is fairly distinct from the rest of the team’s, so it was a good match.

What is your marketing specialty?

Direct response, which is an odd skill to have at a digital marketing agency. However, sometimes it makes great sense to be able to offer direct as part of a fully integrated marketing program – and it gives me the opportunity to dive deeper into digital marketing, which I’m thrilled about.

Favorite marketing campaign you’ve worked on?

Springs Rescue Mission’s 14 million dollar capital campaign for its campus expansion, which is ongoing. Over half of the funds needed have been pledged so far.

What are you most proud of from your time at Springs Rescue Mission?

In my four years as Development Director at SRM, 7.6 percent of households in our footprint (the Pikes Peak Region) donated to the Mission, and the organization operating revenue grew by 78 percent. It was a privilege to work for an organization whose leaders are actually leading and making a difference in our community – time well spent.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned this week at Magneti?

We recently went over a study with a client and discovered that our inbound marketing efforts were acquiring them new customers at a quarter of their cost to acquire through traditional media. It’s exciting results like that made want to be part of this team.

What do you do after leaving the Magneti office?

I either meet a friend for a beer or go home and wrestle with my kids.

Where did you live before Colorado Springs?

I grew up in Harlow, Essex, which is about 30 minutes north of London on the Central Line. I’ve lived in Colorado Springs since 2001.

Most underrated thing about Colorado Springs?

Our downtown. I’m all for all the revitalization efforts, but I think it’s fantastic right now.

Hiking or biking?

Running. This summer I’ve been enjoying Section 16. My favorite thing about Colorado Springs is its trail access.

Breakfast or dinner?

Both as often as possible. I do love breakfast—Full English, please.

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