At Magneti, we like to tell stories. That includes sharing our experiences with you and your team. Whether we’re telling stories in a small group setting or to a large conference, we have a topic that will inspire and get the gears turning.

Adam Williams

Specializes in business leadership, culture, strategic planning, entrepreneurship, and development.

Potential speaking topics include:

  • Turning disasters into opportunities
  • Firing folks and getting a hug afterward
  • Starting and growing a business
  • The role of the CEO

“Adam can connect dots most other people don’t even realize exist. When he gets on a roll, you better have your track shoes on to keep up.”

Dan Maylan, National Sales Director, Allied National Inc.

“Adam Williams brings expertise, insight and passion to his speaking. It’s one thing to create a logo, but another to have the commitment and understanding required to build a brand for business. Adam has the insight to take a business to the next level.”

– Aikta Marcoulier, Executive Director, Small Business Development Center

Jesse Marble

Specializes in marketing strategy, brand development, storytelling, technology, and startups.

Potential speaking topics include:

  • How to tell your story
  • The paradox of choice: How to lead with focus
  • What Aristotle teaches us about modern marketing
  • Marketing in the modern age

“In my work I attend more than my share of speaking luncheons. Jesse’s message, style, and delivery really hit home. While he was on stage my entire table put their forks down to listen. I wish there were more speakers like Jesse.”

– Rob Pike, The Suddes Group


“Jesse combines professional competence, unique insight into underlying stories that drive marketing, and an ability to winsomely – and humorously – connect with an audience.”

– Jeff Haanan, Executive Director, Denver Institute for Faith and Work


“As a regular public speaker myself, and someone who has been around many professional speakers for years, I can say with confidence that Jesse Marble is a confident, humorous, and insightful speaker. If you’re looking for a witty, engaging speaker to inject some “spark” into your audience, I strongly recommend Jesse Marble.”

– Stuart Davis, Community Relations Director, Springs Rescue Mission

Ray Cameron

Specializes in digital and inbound marketing, web optimization, and growth hacking.

Potential speaking topics include:

  • 10 keys to your next web rebuild
  • How to get started on Google Ads
  • How to hire an SEO vendor

“Ray’s ability to translate the new and sometimes-confusing world of digital marketing into productive conversation is unparalleled. He knows how to simplify technical topics, and bring strategic insight to our team.”

– Dennis Robinson, CEO, XTIVIA


“One of Ray’s strongest talents is his ability to take complex data and make it matter to people who speak in laymen’s terms. He’s able to keep track of many different ideas at one time, and translate information into relevant snapshots. In Ray’s hands, the audience is engaged, participating, and comprehending throughout the presentation.”

– Lisa McDivitt Bush, Director of Marketing, McDivitt Law Firm

Anthony Hyatt

Specializes in branding, culture, websites, managing clients and projects, and the English Premier League.

Potential speaking topics include:

  • Understanding your brand
  • How to build a culture of creation
  • How to work with creatives

Mark Rantal

Specializes in improvisation and design

Potential speaking topics include:

  • How improvisation can translate into every area of your life
  • How to use the space you don’t use
  • Generating inverse reactive current for use in unilateral phase detractors

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