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If your law firm is serious about growing, SEO is an essential long-term marketing investment. By rising in rankings, you can grow organic traffic and attract new leads.

Law firm data from across the country over the last 12 years shows us that, over time, SEO can become the single biggest driver of new case leads.

Through a combination of law firms we’ve worked with and data sharing partnerships, we’ve identified a few key things to keep in mind when assessing the health of a law firm’s SEO – and ways to tell if you are on track to rise to the top of your market.

Magneti knows Law Firms

We Know Law Firms

Magneti helps law firms across the country dominate their market. Our clients enjoy top organic search rankings, increased conversion rates, consecutive record-breaking cases per month and lower cost per cases. We help clients find you, trust you and hire you.

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“We have been fully pleased, not only with the results Magneti has generated, but the strategic methodology they employ to help us.”

Rick Gunther, Rainwater, Holt & Sexton

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