Job Overview

Magneti is looking for an experienced leader to fill the role of Creative Director. Our Creative Director will lead our clients and team to deliver world-class creative for regional, national, and global organizations. This role will report to our VP of Brand. This role is tasked with owning client goals, project quality, and creative that drives audience action.

We obsess over culture. Our entire team lives by our “Three Laws of Gravity”: 1) Over-communicate 2) Nail the details and 3) Have fun. Bottom line – Magneti’s an awesome place to be, and we love growing our team.

At Magneti, we hire leaders in every role. Leaders create momentum, plow through bottlenecks or roadblocks, take ownership of the situation, and creatively problem-solve how to continually move things forward even when the situation isn’t ideal. The CD role has big responsibility for lots of outcomes and projects. If that sounds like fun, let us know.

About Magneti

Magneti is a digital marketing + branding agency based in Colorado. We are laser-focused on helping our clients grow by better understanding their audiences and effectively making connections between them. We are digital-first marketers who chase problems upstream. Our four-phase process covers research, brand, websites, and marketing.

In the past couple of years, Magneti was honored with the following accolades:

  • Top Digital Marketing Company: Selected as the top digital marketing company in Colorado by Colorado Business Magazine
  • Listed on the Inc. 5000 for 2018 and 2019: Inc. Magazine’s list of the 5000 fastest-growing companies in the country
  • Best Companies To Work For: Finalist in smallest business category, hosted by Colorado Business Magazine
  • Entrepreneur 360: Entrepreneur Magazine’s list of best 360 small companies in the country

The Creative Director at Magneti thrives with skills in four broad categories:

  • Team Leadership – This person will lead creative work at Magneti and will be flexible and focused on making their teammates and clients look like rockstars. Team leadership means that this person is a cultural influence, THE benchmark for our “Laws of Gravity”, aware of the emotional environment we create, and an influence for positivity and growth within the team. Teammates are equipped and feel encouraged to thrive, with a knowledge of areas where growth is needed. The CD at Magneti is a player-coach: producing work on specific projects/clients, as well as QA for other creatives producing for clients. This person needs to balance their own productive time with helping our other creatives thrive..
  • Client Leadership – This person provides an ‘executive presence’: professional, clear, confident, direct, insightful engagement toward work that matters. Obsessed with our clients’ business needs, KPIs, and finding the best solutions to deliver vital outcomes. The Creative Director understands the pain points and needs of a client, then can map those into strategies that will produce measurable outcomes. The CD is obsessed with ensuring that quality work is delivered on time and within budget. This role is client-facing and will be required to regularly present our work to clients.
  • Marketing Leadership – The Creative Director has a mastery of digital marketing fundamentals and strategy, knowing how great creative drives action. This is not art for art’s sake: we’re hired to help our clients grow at absurd rates. Our new CD is laser-focused on creative that works, creative that drives action, creative that translates to business KPIs. Pretty doesn’t matter if it doesn’t move the needle – and the CD is a vocal proponent of this perspective in every project.
  • Sales Partnership – The Creative Director works on sales tasks as needed to imagine and scope great work for clients that will grow their work with us. Ideally, the candidate has scoped work before and can help tell a compelling story with the sales team to drive new business.

To add additional detail to the categories above, the Creative Director at Magneti:

  • Leads all creative output for Magneti clients: obsesses over ensuring everything Magneti ships is wonderful
  • Leads teams of internal specialists and contractors
  • Leads processes and drive change to fix inefficiencies
  • Knows how to balance timelines to deliver excellence
  • Lead teammates with encouragement, positivity and enthusiasm, with clear feedback and transparency into areas that need improvement
  • Regularly pitch/present creative deliverables to clients across full spectrum of work types: research, brand, web, marketing
  • Works with ADs/MMs to oversee budgets, timelines, and margins on client work
    • Deliver work on time and under budget
    • Ability to pivot mid-project when team dynamics or client needs change
  • Bring new tools into the mix
  • Leadership in core areas of digital marketing including:
    • Primary skillset focus: Web design
      • In touch with, and producing, the coolest websites on the internet
      • Knows how to balance great UI with UX requirements and usability
      • Knows how to deliver great deliverables to a development team that they can efficiently code
      • Figma experience preferred
    • Brand Strategy
      • Respond to research findings and benchmarking and influence and contribute to strategic brand conversations
    • Visual identity + Logo design + visual system
      • Proven track record creating visual identities in multiple industries
      • Passionate about and competent to develop each element of a visual system with the goals of making our clients stand out in their competitive landscape and of resonating with their targets
    • Campaign concepting
      • Ability to combine a clients business needs, target market, and brand identity while developing unique concepts that are worth building and rewarding to engage with
    • Landing page design
      • Knows the latest and greatest in conversion rate optimization for LPs
    • Ad concept / copy
      • Ability to translate creative concepts into engaging ad copy and visuals. (Will work with copywriters as needed to finalize.)
    • Complete mastery of
      • Adobe Creative Suite
      • Figma

    Specific Experience

    • 8+ yrs designing for a marketing team preferred, especially an agency
    • 8+ years designing for digital marketing environments required

    Background, knowledge, skills for all Magneti teammates:

    • Ability to interact with clients (although this is not an account manager or marketing manager role)
    • Obsess over delivering amazing work to our amazing clients
    • Rigorous attention to detail
    • “Lean in” attitude: drive and own things
    • Flexible nature with the ability to prioritize and handle multiple tasks/activities simultaneously
    • Consistency; be productive and positive despite hectic weeks
    • Excellent people skills with strong verbal and written communication skills
    • General office skills such as scheduling, handling phone calls, email and customer service
    • Computer literacy (ideally Mac proficiency)
    • Digital tech-savvy and comfort on new platforms as needed
    • Strong administrative, detail and follow-up skills
    • Positive ‘can do’ attitude while maintaining a high level of professionalism
    • Be highly motivated, mature and eager to be part of the Magneti team
    • Ability to maintain focus on priorities among multiple assigned tasks in a dynamic work environment
    • Loathe incompetence
    • Utilize strong skills in marketing strategy and implementation tactics
    • Create a supportive, friendly and professional atmosphere with the team and clients
    • Live and breathe Magneti’s “Three Laws of Gravity”: 1) Overcommunicate 2) Nail the Details 3) Have Fun
    • And also live by Magneti’s “Other three laws”: 4) Make your teammates look like rockstars 5) Teach and be teachable and 6) Solve problems

    Clarifying questions

    Is the CD overseeing designers/creatives or producing work themselves?
    Both. We need someone who can both roll up their sleeves to produce deliverables, as well as guide and teach our already-wonderful group of internal specialists and freelancers to their full potential. We want to continue to grow such that this role becomes mostly a directing role — but before then, someone who’s comfortable with digital-dirt under their fingernails.

    Job Type:
    This position is a full-time, internal position with access to Magneti’s full set of benefits including health insurance, PTO, remote-hybrid work.

    Comp package will be dependent on experience with a range starting at $70k+.

    We are a remote-hybrid team based in Colorado. This role will be required to be available for meetings during business hours (Mountain Time), but location is flexible for freelancers.

    Please send a resume, cover letter, and any other compelling materials showing your marketing chops and results via Breezy.

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