Competitive Pay

Magneti works hard to create a work environment where you can envision yourself staying for an entire career. We hire awesome people and we offer competitive pay in return.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is important. We make it easy by picking great healthcare plans that are less complicated than the other ones.

However, restructuring the U.S. healthcare system isn’t something we’re contracted to do (yet), so no promises on the less complicated bit.

Dental Coverage

It’s hard to do a lot of stuff without teeth. Keep ’em chompin’.

Short-Term Disability, Long-Term Disability, and $50k Life Insurance

In the event of an injury or something catastrophic, you can rest easy knowing your loved ones will be taken care of.

Remote-First Work

Work from home, work from a coffee shop, work from Vancouver, Canada. Actually, in non-pandemic times, we like to hang out. So, somewhere along the front range of Colorado is preferred. Then we get to see how tall you actually are (Kyle).

Work Flexibility

The irony of appointments is that they usually happen during work hours. Overcommunicate with the team, make sure you get your work done, and feel free to get that haircut you’ve been dreaming about.

Three Weeks Off Flex PTO Standard

Imagine all the fun you can have in three weeks. Camp in Yosemite National Park. Explore Iceland. Book a chateau in the English countryside and sip tea to a long-forgotten novel. Go base jumping. Binge Breaking Bad again. You get the idea.

Reimbursement for Mileage

You mean I have to completely pay for the all the gas on the way to and from in-person client meetings??? No, you don’t. We’ll chip in.

Nine Standard Paid Holidays Off

Including Black Friday for all your shopping needs, Christmas Eve…for all your shopping needs, and New Year’s Eve, for writing resolutions, or whatever your fancy is.

401k Available for Pre-Tax Deductions

Thinking about retirement yet? No? Well, you probably should be. That’s where our 401k comes in.

Profit Sharing for Every Employee Every Year

We work hard to grow Magneti. Every single one of us. You join the team, you share in the profits.

Ongoing Training Including Conferences and Workshops

Marketing is a moving target and you can fall behind quickly. That’s why we’re invested in keeping our employees trained and confident in delivering excellent work.

Mentorship Program (What we call the “1-7”)

No, this isn’t a multi-level marketing scheme. We have a model to help you reach your goals – both in the workplace and in your life. It’s your choice how much you want to share. Just know there’s a team here eager to see you thrive.

Paid Family Leave – Both Maternity and Paternity

Raising a child is hard enough without trying to cram in Zoom calls.

Magneti Cares

Each year, Magneti donates a portion of its revenue to charitable causes. You get to be a part of that.

Okay, I’m sold. Take me back to the Careers page where I can apply!


Magneti aims to be the most effective and innovative growth marketing team in the world.