Times are hard, and most industries are hurting. Goldman Sachs projected GDP to drop -24% in Q2. Compare that to 2008’s worse quarter of -8.4%. That’s bonkers. BTW, there’s a fascinating list of companies actively hiring lots of people right now.

In uncertain times, it’s helpful to mimic how others are adapting both at home and at work. Just search social media for inspiration. Today’s gem: this video of a dog sharing coronavirus safety tips.

Magneti is fortunate to work with dozens of fantastic clients who see the value of thoughtful marketing — even during tough times. Some budgets won’t allow for continued marketing, but we’re using every ounce of our time, effort, and funds to collaboratively respond and react to help customers.

Here are a few examples of how we’ve worked with clients to adapt in specific industries. We hope this ignites your imagination.

Real Estate and Housing

The real estate and housing industry is dealing with people losing their income en masse, struggling to pay their mortgages/rent, and buyers pausing the process altogether.

Together with a client in the manufactured homes community management sector, we pivoted messaging to support and empathy for residents rather than advertising home sale prices or new furnishings. Through empathetic leadership, they suspended all late fee and eviction processes, and are providing resources to help residents find assistance and access to relief programs.

This caring approach is core to who they are. They’ll look back on this time and be proud of how they brought their brand values to life.

In the meantime, we’re ramping up digital offerings like virtual home walkthroughs and community tours. Prospective residents get a sense for the neighborhood experience while still staying safely at home. Siri, show me my new home.

“You become an invaluable resource by condensing complex info and updates into practical steps for your customers.”

HR & Employment

Employers across the nation are confused and nervous. In the world of employer guidance, this is a make-or-break opportunity to help organizations navigate these tricky waters. We’re working with an organization to shift marketing efforts and content production so employers can understand and prepare for rapid changes in the workplace, making informed, confident decisions about the best way forward. What do we do? How do we keep our employees safe and stay in business? How do we work remotely?

By letting the needs of your audience determine the value your organization provides, you gain visibility and build trust. Lots of information is flying around right now. You become an invaluable resource by condensing complex info and updates into practical steps for your customers.

Sales Services

Businesses of all sizes are going through massive upheavals, from changes in leave policies to employees becoming fully remote and having to deal with some new, challenging coworkers. One of our clients, who trains salespeople to give better software demos, is creating a course on the topic of Home Office Success to support newly-remote workers as they navigate the perils of ignoring laundry, children and dirty dishes while on a conference call.

“A quick pivot to new content and a new delivery medium is keeping them relevant.”


Every facet of the medical industry has been impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak, and with all efforts going to diagnosing and treating patients, non-essential and specialized patient visits have largely been put on the backburner.

One of our clients has found a way to continue patient care while respecting the current stay-at-home policy. They’ve begun offering telemedicine appointments (virtual consultations) to people seeking help with allergy, sinus and nasal issues. Patients can video chat face-to-face with an expert, receive prescriptions as needed, and even wait in a virtual waiting room if they would like to be seen asap.

We know the demand for services from home will carry far beyond the present day outbreak. In medicine, this virus is pulling the future into today. Remote / telemedicine is being forced into the spotlight and our clients are responding quickly.


The education industry is facing nationwide school closures and uncertainty about the next few months, and the unprecedented situation could impact the fall semester. Teachers and schools are stressed. (Shout-out to all the families who suddenly find themselves homeschooling for the first time.)

A school association we have worked with for several years which provides resources, professional development, and curricula for educators is working with us to share new webinar opportunities for teachers and administrators. Members join virtual discussions on topics such as ‘Quality Education During a Pandemic’ and ‘Nurturing Your School Community Amidst Isolation.’ A quick pivot to new content and a new delivery medium is keeping them relevant.

“…addressing your customers with empathy and authenticity just might be the most important thing you do right now.”


The lawyers we work with are dedicated to providing the same high-quality service and quick response to clients that they would normally provide – just in a remote environment. Firms who shift to a successful virtual presence will survive, helping their clients navigate issues that are growing more complex by the hour.

If you’re a law firm, it is more important than ever to be out in front of customers. Let them know you recognize their needs and challenges, and make an effort to provide your services in a way that meets them where they’re at (ie. at home).

Looking Ahead

The road ahead is bumpy and it could get worse for a while before it gets better. But we are confident that intelligent and caring marketing throughout the Coronavirus pandemic will be the key to survival for businesses and industries of all kinds. It may take a little finessing, but owning your brand and addressing your customers with empathy and authenticity just might be the most important thing you do right now.

As we say often around here: “everything is marketing.” Your communications, your customer service, how you pivot and respond all goes to supporting the brand experience someone has. Now’s the time to let your colors shine.

Reach out to us if you have any questions or comments. We’ll be sharing more tools and tips for digital and remote environments in the coming weeks.

Magneti aims to be the most effective and innovative growth marketing team in the world.