When there is a security problem, like the Cambridge Analytica data scandal, Facebook is forced to act and make updates to their privacy policy or create new platform features.

But, they do not give much warning on what these updates are and when they will go into effect. In true Facebook foreshadowing fashion, they say “Change is coming…” but we don’t understand the full extent of this change until it’s implemented.

Businesses often learn about the changes when they log into Facebook and are prompted with an update notification. We, Magneti marketers, like to be prepared, but when it comes to Facebook updates, sometimes all we can be is responsive and adaptive. This is where digital marketing gets real.


The New Process for Running Facebook Political Ads

The latest Facebook update altered the process for running political ads. When we say ‘political’, we mean content related to a specific legislation, candidate or any social issue. The Cambridge Analytica scandal revealed that there is a gray area around political ads – and the faces and money behind them.

Anyone who plans to run political advertisements needs to be “authorized” by Facebook. When you schedule an ad, Facebook will determine if it’s political or not.

Authorizing Your Ad

If the advertisement is political, or if your organization’s Facebook page is politically based, you need to go through these steps:

  1. Create a two-step verification for your Facebook account so that no one can login from any of your devices as you.
  2. Submit your personal address, where Facebook mails a verification code.
  3. Submit a picture of your photo ID/passport front and back (1500 pixels x 1000 pixels). They are extremely picky about the clarity and size of the image that you submit, and your ID name must match your Facebook name.
  4. Submit the last four digits of your social security number – yes, yikes.

When you complete this process, you are authorized. Luckily, you only need to do this once.

Who is Paying for the Ad?

The other component to political advertisements is full disclosure as to who is paying for the advertisement. This is the age of transparency – every advertisement will show its sponsor (organization or person). This doesn’t mean that specific donors’ names will be listed for example, but the ad will display the name of company that is launching the ad or the organization paying for the campaign.

Facebook believes this will prevent foreign election interference and fake news on their platform.

Our Solution

The Magneti team is authorized to run political ads – we are familiar with this update and are leading the charge for our clients. We are testing some politically-based social issues ads against previous posts to compare performance and see what this update means for reach, conversion and lead generation moving forward.

Facebook always throws curveballs, but we are proactively working to adapt to these changes. We will keep our clients and followers posted regarding these updates, so stay tuned for more insights. And, as always, do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.

As Facebook makes changes to their platform, we’re working hard to keep you in the loop. We’ll post blogs as we learn more about the updates and changes. Subscribe to our blog and follow along!

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