“Do this! Don’t do that!” You’ve heard it over and over again in regard to social media. You can’t deny that the social movement has an incredible impact on our world, from business to politics. Social media provides opportunities for business growth as well as failure. So, how do you make these opportunities work for you?

Follow these reasonable and attainable practices to improve your company’s everyday social presence.

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Value of Social Media

A social media presence can benefit any business, of any size, anytime. Not only is social media a cost-effective way to advertise your brand’s personality, but it allows you to gain the trust of your current customers through engagement and increase visibility and brand awareness with prospective customers.

However, you can’t just create social media profiles and then let the accounts become stagnant. We put together a list of best practices to help you maintain your customer’s go-to social media accounts.


Be consistent. 

Post frequently to maintain your audience’s attention, and remain consistent in the type of content you post. Give your business a unique personality and identity that customers can relate to! Your brand’s voice should exist across all social channels and effectively communicate your business philosophy and brand messages. Cultivate a loyal customer following by keeping those messages consistent. Don’t be too repetitive or varied in the content you post — be somewhere in the middle, like Goldilocks.


Listen to your audience.

Listen before you speak. This allows you to gain valuable insights that will help drive your publishing strategy. What content do your followers respond to? Tailor content to your followers’ questions and interests (but only if it aligns with your business. No need to talk about the next hot fashion trend if you’re a healthcare company). Listen to the comments of current, past or future customers …and then respond. Ask questions, affirm thoughts, and ‘like’/engage whenever possible. Don’t leave their thoughts hanging in cyber space!


Be authentic.

Share honest and transparent content that reflects your organization’s culture and values. Commend colleagues and partners and refrain from criticizing competitors. Social accounts are channels to promote your brand, expand your audience, and delight your customers and followers — posting relevant, authentic content across each social network is a crucial component to your social strategy, as you are representing your company!


Tailor content to the platform.

Understand the differences between each platform. Don’t share the same message across each channel in the same way. Instead, craft separate messages for each social network. Use hashtags on Twitter, and have a more professional presence on LinkedIn. Re-post relevant information on a daily basis, and make sure your own content is shareable. Post original, valuable content often — and at different times of day throughout the week. Don’t hold back from posting visual content. It draws people in.


Provide followers with a reason to engage.

Be a thought leader in your industry, and interact with your audience. Include an engaging question or call-to-action in your posts. Invite engagement — in fact, encourage it! But be prepared to respond in less than 24 hours. Listen and contribute to the discussion — yes, people want to talk with you, not at you!


Find and follow.

Actively search and follow stakeholders and influencers in your industry. Don’t be afraid to interact with them — share and re-tweet likeminded individuals / organizations. That can increase your exposure and audience reach and help you gain followers and supporters.


You can implement this quick checklist today:

  • Write a professional bio
  • Make sure your social media usernames are consistent
  • Link to your social media accounts on your website, blogs, newsletter, etc.
  • Plan to implement these social media best practices to your social media strategy!


Ok, now you’re ready to go! Don’t miss out on the opportunities social media has to offer your brand! Delight your customers and keep them coming back for more.

Got questions about social? Ask us!

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