A lot of our clients come to us because they are interested in building their search engine rankings. While it is true that SEO is a very crucial  component to having users find your website, it doesn’t always mean that you should spend huge amounts of time and money on that one component of your marketing strategy. The most important question you need to ask your self is “what is the purpose of my website?” Does your website “drive” traffic to your business or “support” traffic you already have?  There are 2 types of websites as it pertains to marketing businesses and smaller brands. Some entities use their site as a traffic driver, and others use their site as a traffic support. A Driver site is a site that is designed to “drive” business to the site based on having optimized keywords. A Support site is a site that is designed to “support” the external work of the brand. The way you market depends on which you have.

Let’s look at some case studies of two competing site personas.


Case study 1: DRIVER SITE  www.beginnertriathlete.com

Beginner triathlete is a fantastic site that has the market cornered on traffic. They have positioned themselves perfectly to drive content to the site via optimized organic keyword searches. If we do a simple check on google adwords we will find that there are 12000 people a month that type the exact words “beginner triathlete” into a google search bar. By virtue of having a domain name that exactly matches the content users are searching for, they greatly increase their chances of being listed higher on the search results. While we know for a fact that having an exact match domain is not the end all be all to site optimization, it sure doesn’t hurt! Of course not everyone can get the exact domain for their specific product or service, but the good news is that it is possible to build an SEO campaign that uses the same important keywords to compete with others in your market. One of the things we enjoy doing at globalseven is researching effective available domains and then coming up with a strategy to optimize your content to boost search rankings.


Case Study 2: SUPPORT SITE  www.globalsevenagency.com

As you can imagine, much to our dismay, there is no one that types in “global seven agency” in a google keyword search. That is something we understood when we named our business. In a business like marketing and web development it is impossible to get anything even close to an exact match domain. Domains like marketing.com, digitalmarketing.com and webdevelopment.com were purchased years ago. While of course it is possible for us to purchase these domains at a premium, it is not practical from a cost standpoint. We understand that our brand has to be built from the ground up using various strategic marketing techniques that draw people to our website. The important function of our website is that people have a place to come and learn about who we are and what we do. Our website is designed as a “support” site, and exists to support our external marketing efforts which are made up of various online and offline tactics. As we continue to grow our brand we are experiencing a good bit traffic to our website, but in a completely different way than beginner triathlete.

Understanding the way that you are going to use a website is a very important piece to building a marketing strategy. This is a concept that has to be determined early in the process when developing a brand or website. If you are getting ready to launch a brand or website it may be a good time to stop and ask yourself what type of a website you are getting ready to build!

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