Have you met Mike? He’s our stellar Senior Marketing Manager!

Get to know Mike through some fun and friendly Q and A. He is excited to work with you!

Mike Clothier

What drew you to Magneti?

The people. We spend so much of our waking hours working – I wanted to surround myself with people who inspire while doing so.

Where are you from originally?

My mother’s womb. Which happened to be located in Colorado Springs, CO.

Why do you love living in Colorado Springs?

It’s home. I have family, friends, and those I love close by. I also never take for granted the natural beauty that surrounds the city. It’s pretty cool to wake up to a view of the mountains every day.

Who is someone you really admire?

Both of my grandparents. They have been married for 60+ years and have been such positive influences, individually and as a couple, for so many reasons.

What was your favorite band 10 years ago?

Death Cab for Cutie. They might still make a regular appearance on my Spotify playlists.

What was the first thing you bought with your own money?

I can’t recall what the first thing I bought with my own money was, but I do remember what was the first thing I (unknowingly) stole. It was a miniature Archie comic at the end cap of a grocery store checkout. I assumed they were for the taking, so that’s just what I did. The clerk noticed I took it and ratted me out to my mom. Buzzkill!

What is your favorite holiday?

Independence Day. Fireworks are a blast!

What is your spirit animal?

Not sure about my spirit animal, but according to my Patronus, it’s a pheasant. I guess I’m phancy without even knowing it.

If you should switch places with someone for a day, who would it be?

Does it have to be a person? Can I be my dog, Ryker, for a day? I would love to experience the simple life of being a dog.

What is your biggest pet peeve?

When people don’t place shopping carts in the designated cart return. A primo parking spot taken over by an abandoned shopping cart = the worst.

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