No, there is no iPhone app that can fill out your contracts for you; however, here are some that can be of value to you along the way in your practice.

1) Gift Plan

Many of you give gifts to your clients for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, etc… I’m not sure about you, but I like to get something as relevant as possible to them, you know… something they may actually like or appreciate. This app makes it easy to jot down and remember what those great gift ideas may be. There are also reminders about different events so you can be in the know with notifications about events coming up. What also makes this app stand out is not only it’s ease of use and practicality including Facebook connecting, but also it’s lovely colorful design.

One way to think about this for a gift is every time you see one of your clients, jot down in this app what kind of phone they have… If it is any kind of a smart phone, it is generally pretty easy to gift apps to people and (with 300,000 iPhone apps) there is a good possibility that there is a cool, personalized app that you can gift them with ease!

COST: $2.99

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2) Remember the Milk

Everybody has their way of to-do lists. Some use planners, some use sticky notes, some use Outlook… But my problem is that I remember things I need to do at the most inopportune times. If I could have a to-do system that syncs with everything(except paper) and can be everywhere I go, then sign me up!  In comes Remember the Milk! This to-do platform not only has a great FREE iPhone app, but also integrates and connects with most everything out there that you use.There is a PRO version which is $25/year. For the iPhone, that means unlimited syncing vs. only syncing once/day.

Here is a link to all of the features, but here are some of them:

  • Syncs with Remember The Milk online, MilkSync for Outlook(pro), Gmail/Google Apps, Chrome plugin, Mac app, etc. Great for backing up your tasks and notes.
  • Organize the way you want deal to with priorities, due dates, time estimates, lists, tags, etc.
  • Search your tasks and notes, and save your favorite searches as Smart Lists.
  • See tasks nearby and plan the best way to get things done.
  • Get reminded via email, SMS, and instant messenger; see to set up.
  • And more! See for details.


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3) Evernote

A great quote I heard once, “The mind is for creativity, not for storage.” I think Einstein said it, but I’m not sure… Nevertheless, I agree in many ways; I know I can’t remember everything and in fact I try not to. I need some good tools to help me remember so I can use my precious brain power for other things. That’s why I use Evernote.

I know as Advisors you encounter so much information on a regular basis: contracts, receipts from expenses, ideas that pop in your head on a regular basis, whatever it may be. Evernote is a great tool to “remember,” organize, keep track of, and have access to all of that info anywhere. Also great about Evernote is that many other services sync with it… i.e. JotNot Scanner Pro (coming up next)

Want some great ideas on how to use it? Check out this search in Youtube for “How I use Evernote.”


4) JotNot Scanner Pro

Now, I know you’re probably not the type of person whose receipts and papers are all messy like this. But just in case you are (just like me), you’ll find the JotNot Scanner Pro to be an incredible way to keep your papers and receipts pretty and organized through this fantastic app. A few ways you can use it:

1) Take a picture of all your receipts, upload them to your free Evernote account, categorize and tag them for easy organization and search-ability.

2) Take a picture of that recent life insurance contract that you need to fax over to that insurance company stuck in the 1990’s. It will turn it into a nice pdf then send a fax directly from within the app to wherever you need to.

3) You have a paper in your hand that needs to be copied, but you aren’t around any scanner/copier/printer… Take a picture of the document, email it directly from your phone to your co-worker who is around a printer and have them make a copy for you to bring to the meeting you have later!

COST: $.99

5) SocialWare

COMPLIANCE! Our favorite word in the financial industry. This app helps you to stay in compliance with your company’s social media policy with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

You can:
• Post Facebook Status Updates, Tweets and/or LinkedIn Network Updates based on your company’s social media compliance policies
• Instantly view pending, rejected, and approved posts that you have made across all of your authorized social networking accounts

Disclaimer: Your company must being a client of SocialWare for their social media compliance.

COST: FREE (with an account)

There are quite a few file sharing/storage apps out on the market right now. I’ve tested some of the major ones, Dropbox | | SugarSync. Personally, I’ve found that SugarSync has more bells and whistles, a better free plan, more storage space for both free and paid plans, and more team collaboration and syncing than any of the others. You can also sync between multiple devices and Operating Systems.

Here’s a situation: You have this document that you need to get to your colleague on your real estate team and it is on your home computer…. What should an agent do? Well, SugarSync allows you to back up any folder on your computer that you want to the Cloud, email that file directly to your colleague and let you know when they have opened the file!

The great thing is also that SugarSync automatically syncs any file with the cloud that you put into the syncing folder… no extra steps included.

• Anytime, anywhere access to all files, photos and music

• Instantly share remotely-stored files from your iPad with friends and colleagues

• Stream a music library from any computer (save valuable local storage space for favorites)

• View quick thumbnails of synced images

• Sync select files direct to my iPhone’s harddrive for offline use

• Sync photos taken with your iPhone or created on your iPod or iPad back to all your devices access all of the files I have synced easily


7) CardMunch

Being an Elite Advisor, you are probably a prolific networker. That also means you probably get a ton of business cards. These cards can quickly cause clutter on your desk, in your briefcase or on your night stand at home. It sure would be nice to get someone to input the info from these business cards into your contact list.

Now you’ve found that person.

This is a Business Card Scanner with Human-Powered Transcription.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1 – Use your phone to take a picture of that business card using the application

Step 2 – The people at CardMunch manually transcribe every card you submit for guaranteed accuracy

Step 3 – Contacts are returned directly to your phone within minutes.


8) PULSE News Reader

How do you read your news and follow your favorite websites/blogs/authors as easy as possible? Do you still read the (gasp) paper? Do you have to go and check your favorite sites all the time to see if there is anything new and relevant? Why not have the news come to you.

Have you ever seen this symbol? This symbol stands for RSS which literally stands for “Really Simple Syndication.”

1st > Watch this video about what and how RSS feeds and Google Reader works.

2nd> Setup your Google Reader account. If you have a Google/Gmail account already, when you log in, there should be a READER link in the top left hand corner to click. Add RSS Feeds to your Google Reader account.

3rd> Get Pulse for the iPhone and sync it to your Google Reader account. Start enjoying my favorite RSS reader for the iPhone. Have your news coming to you, on the go, and in a simple and beautiful way.  Check out this video to show you the way!


9) Find My iPhone

I have never lost my iPhone, except for that one time. That one time was that time that I was glad I had this app.

This app is a must for elite advisors.  

You probably have lots of information on your iPhone. Some of this information is personal and confidential to you and your clients. The big deal with this app is that you can remotely lock or wipe everything off of your iPhone!

Here’s a guide on how to set it up from Apple.

Here’s where you go to login online to locate your lost phone.


10) HeyTell

You know those times when you’re driving down the street and you need to relay a quick message to your secretary? Usually you’d call, but you don’t really want to get into a conversation nor wait five rings just to hear their voicemail message and then finally get to the point of leaving a message.

Here’s where HeyTell comes in. It’s a cross-platform (iPhone and Android) voice messenger that allows you to instantly talk with whomever you’d like on the HeyTell platform. It also shrinks down the amount of data that’s used equivalent to sending an email so you don’t go over your data limit.

Check out their website for a quick demo.


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